Enjoy Shopping Practically Everywhere in San Francisco

Shopping is something that you’ll find on practically every street within the San Francisco city center. Even in the outlying areas, there are more than enough shopping districts, malls and shopping centers to keep you occupied for hours – and unless you have a couple of days’ worth of time you’re never going to be able to visit them all.

Designer Shops and Luxury Items

If you’re into upmarket products then you can expect to find numerous designer shops that sell branded items ranging from fashion to jewelry and other luxury products. Many of these designer shops are international brands that have established themselves in the city. A lot of these shops are centered in Union Square – but you’ll find some in the other major shopping districts and centers as well.

During sales, these areas really come alive and you’ll find that in many shops discounts are even available year round.

Small Unique Items

On the other side of the spectrum you have those shops that cater more towards small items that are unique in some way or other, be it arts and crafts, gifts, souvenirs, or even other things like herbs and exotic scents.

Practically every neighborhood in San Francisco has its very own main street where you’ll find an assortment of shops, and areas such as Chinatown, North Beach, and Fisherman’s Wharf are particularly worth checking out.

Festivals, Markets, and Fairs

One of the great shopping experiences in the city has got to be the many festivals, markets and fairs that are held throughout the year. Some of these may be one or two day events that are held annually, but some are held more often than that – such as the bi-weekly Farmer’s Market.

Be sure to check out others as well, such as the Haight-Ashbury Fair, the Contemporary Crafts Market, and even the International Chocolate Salon.


As you can see, no matter where your taste in shopping lies there’s definitely a lot for you to do in this city. Wandering through the streets will yield a positive treasure trove of small shops selling unique items, many of which may even consist of arts and crafts that have been produced locally.

On the other hand, the mainstream shopping scene is definitely one that is thriving and burgeoning – so there’ll be no shortage of options there.

All said and done, there are just so many choices that you could actually find yourself at a loss when you’re thinking about where to begin. If so – why not just explore the city and see what mysteries you manage to uncover as you browse through the many shops that are in practically every neighborhood and district.

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