Best Bladeless Fans 2022: Buying Guide

Summer is now upon us, and you can already notice a sharp increase in temperatures and longer days. Although temperatures are currently still manageable and not excessively hot and muggy, in summer it is easy to reach 38 ° C, and for many, it becomes real torture to stay indoors. Therefore, the use of fans becomes of great importance, which allows you to withstand the heat more and cool off at home.

There are various types of these devices, but the most convenient and modern are undoubtedly the bladeless fans 2022. These are electrically operated devices that produce fresh air without the classic use of blades, the main aspect of a fan, but exploit the physical principle of the Coanda effect.

Let’s find out more about the best bladeless fans 2022, very interesting and at the same time useful devices in the summer season that differ greatly from column fans.

What it is and what it is for

In 1991 the Dyson company created for the first time a new type of fan, with innovative and unique technologies of the period. It is a type without blades, which completely revolutionizes the sector thanks to its operation and modern design, ease of use, and many other aspects.

The use obviously has as its main purpose to refresh the surrounding air and therefore to experience a minor sensation of heat and mugginess, which unfortunately greatly weakens when an activity is carried out. Working or studying with very hot temperatures inside the home is certainly counterproductive and will tend to tire the mind more.

This is where the bladeless fan comes into play, which allows you to avoid this with maximum comfort and safety and without having to install an expensive air conditioner which, in the long run, is not even too good for health.

Furthermore, the absence of blades is excellent if you have children at home, as, with the classic models, they could inadvertently or voluntarily put their hands on during their high-speed operation, with serious health hazards.

How the bladeless fan works



Operation of a bladeless fan Obviously, most of the most common fans to find at home generate fresh air thanks to the rotating action of the blades, which can also be set at customizable speeds. But how does the bladeless fan work then?

As already mentioned, these electrical devices exploit the Coanda effect, which takes its name from the pioneer of thermodynamics who conceived it in 1936. The operation is very simple and not at all complex to understand.

The surrounding air is sucked in from the lower part of the fan which also acts as a support, and is then transported at high speed and intensity to the upper part, which has a circular shape. From here then, thanks to particular fluid dynamic effects that are created, the air is thrown forcefully towards the outside.

Given this particular type, an optimal and better airflow towards the outside is guaranteed than the classic one, with a power of 15 times higher, according to some studies and comparisons, and with a uniform, constant and directional jet, always refreshing…

There is also another similar type of best bladeless fan 2022 which, however, has the aim of heating the surrounding environment and not just cooling, therefore ideal for the winter. In this case, however, a specific resistance will be mounted internally and the shape of the upper part of the device will not be circular but oval or rectangular.

How to choose the best bladeless fan 2022

Design, dimensions, and overall dimensions

A strong point of the bladeless fans is definitely the design. Compared to the classic models, it is very innovative, avant-garde, it almost seems to have an extremely futuristic aspect. Without a doubt, these models are perfectly suited to any aesthetic environmental context and greatly improve it, without jarring. The shape, as stated, is variable but generally, it is circular or oval in shape, based on whether it only needs to cool or can also heat.

As for the dimensions, they are much smaller than the classic fans, creating very little space and this allows you to position them in any place you want. The diameter of a basic model, in fact, is usually only around 30 centimeters, with very low and lower weight than fans with blades, which can even weigh several kg, especially the old models.

Given the size, cleaning will also be very easy and convenient, unlike classic models. In fact, it is sufficient to wipe with a soft damp cloth while it is not powered by the current and let it dry completely before reactivating it.

Noisiness during use

Although at first glance one might think that these innovative electrical devices can be much quieter than classic fans, this is immediately denied during use.

One of the main defects of these devices is precisely the noise level, which is equal to the fans with blades. This is due to the particular aerodynamic internal functioning to generate the airflow towards the outside. The noise emission is usually estimated at 20 to 40 dB, not annoying but not silent either.

Timers, controls, and features

The bladeless fans, being modern devices of the latest technology, allow an optimal and simplified use, making the user experience optimal.

It can be switched on / off and controlled either by pressing the appropriate buttons on the device or by means of a convenient remote control, on which all the buttons are shown to activate the various extra features it possesses.

In fact, it is possible to set an automatic timer, i.e. it will switch on for a specific amount of time, after which it will switch off automatically, set the function to remain fixed in one direction or turn, to refresh the whole room, and also the possibility of automatic shutdown when too high consumption is reached.

Without a doubt, the bladeless fans are excellent and complete devices to be used at 360 °, offering everything that can be used by the person.

Consumption and energy class

Being models with very small dimensions compared to all classic fans, consequently, also the energy consumption will be much lower, allowing you to keep it on for a long time without excessively burdening your electricity bill.

The general consumption of bladeless fans ranges from 24 W in simple ventilation mode up to almost 2000 W in fan heater mode.

Obviously, this also depends on the power of the airflow that the device can generate and therefore what energy class it belongs to. Greater maximum power expressed means a slight increase in consumption compared to other models.

Prices for bladeless fans

Another very obvious flaw of bladeless fans is the price which, as a logical consequence, will be much higher than normal fans. This depends on the extremely modern and avant-garde design and operation, the excellent materials used, and the dimensions that ensure very little space.

Generally, prices always exceed 100 euros, even the basic ones, but it is also possible to find top-of-the-range models that can cost almost as much as an air conditioner.

Reviews of the best bladeless fans 2022

This is the list of the best bladeless fans of 2022:

  • KLARSTEIN Sahara Storm bladeless fan
  • Ardes AR5BL1 Muna Bladeless Bladeless Fan with Remote Control
  • ARGO Oniro Tower Black
  • Cecotec ForceSilence 9800 Skyline Tower fan without blade
  • IKOHS Cool Silence DC
  • Dyson AM06 Desk Fan
  • Dyson AM09 Fan Heater with Jet Focus Technology

Let’s find out the individual reviews together.

KLARSTEIN Sahara Storm

It is a comfortable and functional fan without blades, which allows both air cooling and heating, through the special internal ceramic resistance. Precisely for this reason, the upper part does not have a typical circle shape, but an oval, with the resistance covered by a shapely casing. The overall design is well done, in white and blue, to create a nice night atmosphere, and with very small dimensions, 80 x 40 x 20 cm, therefore ideal to be placed wherever you want without creating clutter.

The performance of the Klarstein Sahara Storm is optimal and high, thanks also to the power from 1000 to 2000W. It ensures excellent heating/cooling of the room, with a selectable temperature from 16 ° C to 40 ° C, without creating unpleasant effects or odors, also ideal for those with allergies. You can set the automatic timer up to 12h and the oscillation with rotation up to 60 °.

Finally, it is a very quiet bladeless fan and therefore also ideal for night use.

Ardes AR5BL1 Muna Bladeless with Remote Control

It is a classic bladeless fan model with a moderate price. It has an excellent power of airflow generated, with a speed of 4.3 meters per second, much higher than a traditional fan.

The design is well done, thanks to resistant materials and colors that match the totality of the interior furnishings. It is possible to set the LED night light up to 4 different colors, to create an even more suggestive aesthetic effect.

The dimensions are very compact and do not create clutter, precisely with a width of 29 cm, depth of 17 cm, and height of 57 cm, in an oval shape.

It can be controlled both with the comfortable tactile buttons on the front of the fan and with the special remote control, to manage it in extreme comfort from a distance. You can set the chosen temperature, the automatic timer, up to a maximum of seven and a half hours, the color of the LED, and the speed, customizable on three levels.

The Ardes AR5BL1 Muna Bladeless is also very quiet and easy to clean, compared to traditional fans with blades.

ARGO Oniro Tower Black

Compared to the previous models, this fan without blades has the upper part not oval but rectangular with development in height, which is why it is called with Tower, ie tower.

Design is certainly a strong point of this product, which makes all the furniture in the room even more elegant and refined. It has a compact structure in anodized aluminum with a matt effect and with blue LED light integrated in the base. You can buy it completely black or in dark red color.

Overall it has very compact dimensions, ideal for placing it wherever you want without taking up too much space: 96.5 x 23 x 23 cm with a total weight of about 2.6 kg. Very small size compared to a blade fan, but even higher power. It has nine ventilation speeds, three operating modes, namely normal, sleep and turbo, an automatic operating timer from 1h to 8h, and a horizontal oscillation of 90 °, to cool the whole room in a short time.

The controls are very comfortable and intuitive, thanks to a soft-touch panel integrated under the LED display. The latter, together with the option to go into stand-by automatically, allows you to significantly save on your electricity bill, with a power consumption of only 26W. Finally, it too is extremely quiet and does not create discomfort for allergic people.

Cecotec ForceSilence 9800 Skyline Tower fan without blade

It too uses a superior design that rises vertically, similar to a tower. It takes advantage of the Air Bladeless technology, which is a bladeless method that creates a powerful flow of air to cool the environment quickly, with maximum silence and comfort.

This is thanks to the excellent internal motor made entirely of high-quality copper, which ensures reliability and durability of use. There is a convenient remote control to remotely control the bladeless fan, setting the speed, the orientation, the timer for automatic action, with a maximum duration of 8 hours, and also the chosen temperature.

The design and overall dimensions are very comfortable and compact, completely white in color, and easily transportable wherever you want since it does not create clutter. Specifically, the dimensions are 21 x 21 x 97 cm for a total weight of 4.46 kg.

IKOHS Cool Silence DC

Of all the models mentioned so far, this is the slightly more expensive one. It is a tower-shaped bladeless fan, with a modern and very avant-garde design, which combines excellent adaptability in any environmental context with high cooling capabilities. It is very small in size, therefore excellent to be placed wherever you want.

The excellent effectiveness is ensured by a very powerful, long-lasting, low energy consumption and very silent Sly DC Copper motor, with only 40 dB emitted. You can choose to customize the airflow in two modes and up to nine speeds, up to a maximum of 2800 rpm.

The IKOHS Cool Silence DC is easily adjustable and remotely controllable, with the comfortable digital display Touch Sensitive magnetic remote control, with which you can turn it on, turn it off, put it on standby, change the program, set an automatic operating timer, adjust the 90 ° oscillation to cool the whole room and much more.

Dyson AM06 Desk Fan

Dyson was the company that started the bladeless fan market, completely revolutionizing the industry. Therefore, it is common to find the most powerful and consequently more expensive models under this brand.
This device, specifically, has a price three times higher than previous models but exceptional technical characteristics, as well as excellent aesthetics.

It is a model with an optimal and well-made design, which adds a touch of the futuristic to the interior of your home or office. It has the dimensions 10 x 35.6 x 55.2 cm, with the upper part in the shape of a circle, which uses the Coanda effect to internally generate the flow of fresh air to be thrown outside.

It is a very powerful model, with a uniform, constant jet of air and with adjustable speed and temperature, and the absence of blades allows simple maintenance and periodic cleaning. You can of course also select the swing mode to cool the whole room, if not too big.

Given the excellent small size, it does not create any clutter and can be placed where you want it, above the desk, on a piece of furniture, on a table, etc.

The noise is not very high, precisely 67 dB. Initially, bladeless fans produced the same amount of noise as regular models, but in recent years new technologies have made it possible to minimize this.

Dyson AM09 Fan Heater with Jet Focus Technology

This is another model of the bladeless fan from the famous company Dyson, the leader in this sector. Although the price is almost the same, the functioning and the design change considerably.

In fact, it is a fan heater, that is, it can also generate hot air, ideal for the winter without having to turn on the radiators every time and consume a lot of gas. To do this, an internal resistance has been fitted and the upper shape is no longer circular but oval.

The motor of the Dyson AM09 is very powerful, 2000W with a 30W fan. It takes advantage of the Air Multiplier technology, which consists in accelerating the air through a special annular opening, creating a much stronger and more compact jet than normal classic fans. Furthermore, it is possible to select at will with the appropriate remote control, therefore at a distance, up to ten different types of speeds.

This device features the Touch Tilt technology, with a 10-degree inclination angle for a more widespread and homogeneous cooling or heating in the surrounding area. Finally, it too has very quiet technology, with an estimated maximum noise level of 64 decibels.

FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions

Are the bladeless fans quiet?
These devices are not totally silent: for comparison, we can say that they produce the same decibels compared to traditional fans, even if some models manage to produce less noise. However, we can say that even if placed in an environment intended for study, work or relaxation, these do not disturb at all.

Do they consume a lot?
The small size compared to traditional cousins ​​guarantees lower energy consumption. General consumption starts at 24 Watts for portable models and goes up to 50 Watts for top-of-the-range models.

How much does a bladeless fan cost?
Just like any high-end electronic device, there are tons of prices that are attributed to more or less valid products – always comparing the datasheets. The price for a portable model starts at € 50.00, but in normal conditions, it costs around € 100.00 for the economy or at the most average models. The cost can exceed € 300.00 for top-of-the-range models such as those presented and marketed by Dyson, a leading company in the sector.

Conclusions and final considerations

We have seen in detail everything related to the world of bladeless fans, a type of device that is spreading more and more in homes given its effectiveness and excellent ease of use.

Undoubtedly, the advantages they have compared to classic fans are numerous, first of all, the issue of size, but this corresponds to a higher price and a noise that is not exactly silent.

Overall, it is a valid ally to be able to withstand the heat and the typical heat of the Summer and also to warm up during the Winter, without turning on the radiators in the whole house every time.

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