Best Column Fans 2022: Buying Guide

The best column fans are one of the best choices for cooling the air in periods of intense heat. The characteristics differentiate them from classic fans and air conditioners and make them perfect for those who want excellent horizontal air handling.

In this buying guide, we will deepen together every important element for the choice, starting from an overview of column fans, passing through the useful insights to know, and arriving at the reviews of the products that we consider excellent to buy.

What it is and what it is for

The column fans are shaped tower fans that develop vertically and allow to move the air without the use of the blades. Their linear shape allows them to be easily used in any environment as they take up little space and have a design that goes well with any type of room, from home to office.

Precisely the absence of blades inside them makes the exchange of air and the wind produced more balanced and less annoying, without however producing noise as happens in the classic ones. These have different functionality, they convey the airflow in several directions and this allows to obtain, compared to the classic ones, a better diffusion that seems very natural and is not unidirectional. They have different speeds for operation and also a number of additional features such as auto shutdown. Obviously, this depends on the type of product purchased, there are those with remote control, with extra-long power cable, with carrying handle, etc.

How does it work

The column fan works with a rotating cylinder that takes air from the rear and pushes it forward with an oscillating movement that allows an equal distribution in the environment. While the floor fan is directional and sometimes even too powerful in a single point, the operation of the tower fan allows you to compactly refrigerate all the air and therefore not a single point.

These fans are ideal because they are very easy to use. At the top of the column is a small control panel from which ventilation, mode, and strength can be established. In more advanced models, the display also indicates the intensity of the airflow. They are very easy to clean, they do not require particular maintenance, it is enough to simply clean the grids from time to time to allow an always perfect escape of air. They have a low weight, so they can be easily moved from one room to another without problems, moreover, some models are equipped with a special handle that makes every operation even easier.

Among the features that must be evaluated are the remote control, which is a very useful component because it allows you to manage the system from a distance, just think of the practicality of when you are in bed in the evening and you want some fresh air; a timer to control automatic switch-on in the hottest hours of the day or during a specific time and automatic switch-off which is ideal especially at night or in any case to avoid going out and leaving the appliance running.

How to choose the best column fan

As we said earlier, in order to choose an excellent column fan, a minimum knowledge of some elements is required, such as the design and structure, rotation and airflow, the maximum flow rate of the device and other insights that we will see now. in detail.

Design, size, and structure

The first thing to consider when choosing a column fan is its design. They all develop vertically but are not always the same. Some columns are designed to be thinner, thus facilitating those who have little space available to place it within a space. Other fans, on the other hand, have wider pedestals to be particularly stable, while others still have particular and even futuristic designs for those looking for a product to refrigerate but also to beautify the environment.

The dimensions must be chosen according to the room where the fan will be placed. The height of the column varies from model to model and ranges from 40 centimeters for the smaller ones to over 1.50 meters for the larger models. Beyond the length, the thickness must also be considered, some systems are designed to be very essential, so their size is equal to the internal tube that cools the air. Others, however, are structured differently, have displays and a series of accessories that make them bulkier and certainly more performing.

Some latest generation products are aesthetically elegant, with an attractive and even futuristic design. Everyone can evaluate the best aesthetic result based on the position of the product within their environment, however, all are designed to minimize the footprint and solve the problem of space even for those who cannot use a classic fan with wide and large dimensions, however, favoring a perfect air exchange and refrigeration that can also be compared to particularly advanced classic systems without having to sacrifice one’s space or necessarily choose an air conditioner with its costs and characteristics.

Rotation and airflow

The movement of these systems is determined by the rotary oscillation of the internal cylinder. All models have the same operation, the mechanism moves to generate the smooth passage of air. The simpler systems have at least three speeds available but in some cases, there are a number of added possibilities and adjustable vents for the air outlet.

Column fans have the best oscillation on the market reaching even 360 degrees. Some products also offer the possibility to determine a horizontal and vertical oscillation at the same time to cool the space even better.

In the basic models, the movement varies between 60 and 180 degrees, in the more performing ones it is possible to find a greater amplitude. The basic products that are chosen are usually able to refrigerate the whole room even if placed in a corner. These have a maximum movement of up to 180 degrees as most people who buy column air systems want to place them in a corner of the room and not in the center. For this reason, a system should be chosen that makes a complete turn only where it is possible to position it in perfect centrality with respect to its movement. Otherwise, the air would come out and end up against the obstacle, bringing no real benefit.

In models that perform a full rotation, the airflow is continuous, and therefore it is always loaded from the opposite side to that in which the cooled air is emitted. The product has a more complex function to perform this movement and therefore also a greater energy dispersion than the basic models.

Maximum capacity

The maximum airflow rate of a column fan varies according to the model and clearly indicates how many cubic meters it is able to refrigerate. The airflow is an important indication to determine in which room it can be placed, thus obtaining the best result for that space.

Choosing a fan with power in cubic meters lower than that of the room will result in refrigeration, but it will not be able to cover all the space. There are appliances that are able to cover distances of 10 meters, this means that they are able to refrigerate a very large space. If, on the other hand, the product is designed to refrigerate up to 3 meters, it will be able to cover a small room of 6 or 7 square meters. The power expressed in Watts is also decisive.

Often during the purchase phase, this value is not read correctly and performance is expected to exceed expectations. In the selection phase, it is important to evaluate the ventilation capacity per cubic meters, the power in meters at which the fan is able to project its jet, and obviously the power expressed in Watts.

Often during the purchase phase, this value is not read correctly and performance is expected to exceed expectations. In the selection phase, it is important to evaluate the ventilation capacity per cubic meters, the power in meters at which the fan is able to project its jet, and obviously the power expressed in Watts.

Extra functionality

Each type of column fan is available with features and a series of functions that can be very useful. Among the functions of a column fan, it is possible to distinguish between various settings to determine the power, rotation parameters, air emission tools, and timers. These are systems already present in the standard models and are all very useful for determining the right air force and therefore the emission with respect to the reference room.

In the most advanced fans, however, these parameters are not present in three or four programs but can be customized manually. This allows obtaining a perfect airflow for every need. Among the various accessories, there is the remote control which must be considered as basic in the purchase of a column fan to be able to direct it and switch it on / off even from a distance. The most innovative models are even equipped with an application for remote management but obviously, have a different cost.

Some products are then sold with additional tools to better direct the air, a sort of fins that can be applied on the outside of the fan to maximize the final yield. Among the details that should be considered as extra options, there is also the length of the cables, these on average reach about one and a half meters but there are special models with very long cables for those who have special needs and therefore want to place the fan in the center of the room or in any case in a place far from the power outlet.

The additional options of the column fans are varied, some models are particularly sophisticated and this determines a particularly high budget, so it is good to consider all the accessories and essential features for the final use before choosing the suitable model.


An important feature to consider is the noise level, in fact, they are not very noisy products, even those that fall within the low price range. This happens because inside them the operation is not determined by the movement of blades that cut the air and therefore generate that annoying hum that is always heard when there is a fan on in a room.

The air is sucked in from the outside in the back part and expelled in the front part with a rotating movement of the turbine placed inside which therefore perfectly accompanies the movement of the air without cutting it. Thanks to the turbine structure it is possible to obtain non-directed air that spreads perfectly evenly within the environment in which the fan is positioned. Due to their silence, these models are also ideal when you need to refrigerate an office or a night space where it is essential that there is absolute silence. The more advanced and sophisticated they are, the higher their performance and clear the noise reduced to a minimum.

Reviews best column fans 2022

This is the ranking of the best column fans of 2022 :

  • Pro Breeze Oscillating Tower Fan
  • Tristar VE-5999 Tower Fan with Remote Control
  • Bimar VC95 Oscillating Column Fan
  • klarstein Skyscraper 3G
  • TaoTronics Tower Fan with Remote Control / Timer
  • Brandon Tower Fan
  • U ULTTY Column Fan with Remote Control
  • Rowenta VU6670 Eole Infinite
  • ARGO Oniro Tower Black

Pro Breeze Oscillating Tower Fan

The Pro Breeze is an oscillating tower fan, equipped with a 60-watt motor and remote control. Its oscillation is 70 ° and is completely automatic, which is why it is the ideal solution to reach any point in a room or environment. Available in white or black, the Pro Breeze column fan offers the possibility to choose between three different air emission modes (normal, natural, and sleep, ideal for summer nights). Plus, you can choose between three fan speeds, all thanks to the wireless remote control.

The design is very modern and elegant, and it adapts to any type of furniture. The timer integrated into its structure allows you to set the time and choose how long to leave the fan running, up to 7.5 hours. Its dimensions of 82x20x19 centimeters for a weight of only three kilos make it a very compact device, perfect to be moved anywhere in the house thanks to the 1.6-meter long cable.

Among its strengths, there is undoubtedly the fact that its optimal operation and its very low noise level, which allow it to be used even during the night. The only defect that could be found in the cable, not long enough.

Tristar VE-5999 Tower Fan with Remote Control

The Tristar brand column fan is a product available in white or black, equipped with remote control and suitable for refreshing any environment. Made of plastic, it features three different speed levels to choose from; moreover, it has a power of 45 watts and a voltage of 230. One of its main advantages is its low noise level (61.4 decibels), and its compact dimensions of 19.3 × 80.8 × 17.5 centimeters for only two kilos of weight, which make it easy to install.

In addition to the three different speeds, the Tristar tower fan has a timer, a multifunction remote control and three different modes, namely nature, normal, and sleep. Its design is very elegant and has LED indicators, which make it easier to use. Its motor is able to rotate 85 °, so as to refresh every corner of the room and the environment, and in its structure, there is a housing for the remote control.

The timer is useful to avoid that the fan remains on for too long, as you can set the duration yourself (from 0.5 to 7.5 hours). Its strengths undoubtedly include the quality and excellent operation of the Tristar tower fan, as well as the possibility of choosing between three different air emission modes.

Bimar VC95 Oscillating Column Fan

The Bimar VC95 tower fan has the ability to oscillate completely automatically and offers the possibility to choose between three different air emission speeds. Available in white color, it has a remote control and a bright LED, which greatly facilitates its use. In addition, it has a motor power of 60 watts and is made of plastic, which is why its dimensions of 23.4 × 18.1 × 83 centimeters for only four kilos of weight make it easily transportable anywhere.

Equipped with a timer, the Bimar column fan has three different modes, including sleep, which allows the device to switch off independently, slowing the air emission speed every half hour. Its other two functions are that of breeze and that of normal; a cable winder is integrated at the base of its structure, which avoids its entanglement.

The automatic oscillation makes this device very useful, as it can reach any space in the room without you having to do anything, thanks to the presence of the remote control. For correct operation, it is advisable to keep the Bimar tower fan away from heat sources and liquid containers. Among its advantages, there is certainly the fact that it has an excellent quality-price ratio and that its operation is very intuitive thanks to the presence of controls with LED lights.

klarstein Skyscraper 3G

The Klarstein column fan is a useful device for cooling the environment or a room during the hot summer months. Available in white, black, gray, and red, it has three different speed levels and an air flow of 1,633 m³ / h, as well as a powerful 48-watt motor. Its noise level is very low, also thanks to the possibility of choosing between three operating modes; moreover, its operation is simple, since it is based on a touch panel and LED suitable for everyone. Its compact size with a diameter of 24 centimeters allows it to be placed anywhere in the house without any difficulty, while its skyscraper-shaped design is perfect for modern and contemporary environments.

The Klarstein tower fan has the ability to oscillate by 90 ° fully automatically, and you can choose between night mode, normal or natural. Inside the package, there is also a wireless remote control and an instruction manual, although its operation is very practical and intuitive. The switch is located on the top, while the timer allows you to choose automatic shut down between 0.5 and 8 hours. In its structure, there is an easily removable filter, which allows for quick maintenance and cleaning.

Its advantages undoubtedly include the fact that the Klarstein tower fan has an excellent quality-price ratio and that the air delivered is better than that of other tower fans on the market. On the other hand, the night ventilation is not very strong and too noisy to be activated at night.

TaoTronics Tower Fan with Remote Control / Timer

This TaoTronics brand device is a column fan, equipped with wireless remote control and a timer to set the automatic shutdown (up to 12 hours). This product has the ability to oscillate about 90 ° and has a much lower noise level than the others on the market (about 35 decibels). Furthermore, it is possible to choose between five air emission speeds and three different modes (normal, natural, and sleep); thanks to the touch display you can adjust the size of the fan, between 91 and 106 centimeters, or through the included remote control.

Its compact and elegant design saves a lot of space in a room, as it is only 90 centimeters high. Available in black, it also includes a user manual in Italian and support for the extension cable; the motor has a power of about 45 watts and a voltage of 110, and for this reason, it is functional and efficient compared to those on the market.

Among its strengths, there is undoubtedly the wireless remote control, which allows you to choose the settings you prefer directly from the bed or sofa. Furthermore, the TaoTronics column fan has an affordable price for everyone and a noise level that does not disturb during the night.

Brandon Tower Fan

The Branson tower fan is a device with a very particular design, which distinguishes it from other column fans on the market. In fact, it comes in champagne color and stands 96cm tall, although it is very compact to save as much space as possible. The package also includes a remote control that allows you to choose the air emission speed (low, medium, or high) and the cooling mode (between normal, natural, and sleep). The motor is equipped with a power of 45 watts, and the fan has the ability to oscillate about 60 ° automatically, to cool every point of the environment.

Its structure includes a large LED display, which allows you to manage all its functions with a touch system, and also a timer that offers the possibility of refreshing the environment for twelve consecutive hours. Or, thanks to the sleep mode (suitable for the night thanks to the low noise level of 38 decibels), the air emission will slowly decrease every half hour, until it stops completely.

Among its advantages are the affordable price, good performance, and truly elegant design (the Brandson fan, in fact, is available in different colors). One of the defects is represented by the construction material (plastic), which is not too durable.

U ULTTY Column Fan with Remote Control

The U ULTTY brand column fan is a powerful but very quiet device, with three air emission modes and nine speeds. The package includes a wireless remote control that allows you to manage the operation of the column fan from any point in the room. Available in white or black, it is made of a very resistant and high-quality material, namely ABS and aluminum, and has a motor with a power of 26 watts.

Its voltage is 220 volts, and its operation is very efficient thanks to the air multiplier technology, which distributes it throughout the room or environment. The U ULTTY column fan is also capable of oscillating by about 80 °, and thanks to the presence of the timer and the touch display you can set its duration of action or automatic shutdown (up to eight hours). In addition, it’s very compact dimensions of 23x23x102 centimeters allow it to be placed anywhere.

Its noise level is very low, at only 46 decibels, and this means that it can be activated even during the night. The length of the cable is two meters, and this is one of its main advantages. Among others, there is the fact that it is very quiet and that it has an affordable price to all, in addition to its extreme functionality.

Rowenta VU6670 Eole Infinite

Rowenta VU6670 Eole Infinite is a column fan, available in black color and equipped with a timer that allows it to operate up to eight hours in a row. This product includes a remote control for choosing the speed and emission mode, and has an automatic 180 ° oscillation technology, greater than that of the other tower fans on the market, for this reason, the air is diffused in a very homogeneous way. .

Its dimensions are 100x20x17 centimeters for a weight of four kilos, while its motor has a power of 40 watts and a voltage of 240 volts. The construction material is plastic, and the noise level is only 35 decibels, so it is very quiet. Among its main features, there is undoubtedly the fact that it manages to cool the whole environment thanks to a very long grill, and which has a simple opening to greatly facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

In addition, it has an excellent quality-price ratio and a technology that allows it to release much cooler air than other column fans on the market.

ARGO Oniro Tower Black


The ARGO column fan has the characteristic of being devoid of blades, and therefore of having a much more elegant and slender design. Inside the package, there is a magnetic remote control that will allow you to use it and choose its air emission modes (normal, sleep, and turbo) and speed directly from the bed or sofa. In fact, the ARGO column fan has nine ventilation speeds, and its structure is entirely made of anodized aluminum. Furthermore, it is available in black or red, and has an LED light integrated into the base; the 90 ° oscillation horizontally allows you to distribute fresh air to every point of the room, without you having to do anything.

The control panel is touch-sensitive, and the motor has a power of about 26 watts and will allow you to save on bills. Also in this case there is a timer to be set, which allows the ARGO tower fan to be used for up to eight hours, after which it will turn off automatically. Its dimensions of 96x23x23 centimeters help to save a lot of space, and the weight of only two kilos will allow you to carry it anywhere without difficulty.

The noise level is 56 decibels, and thanks to its elegant design available in many matt colors, this fan adapts to any type of furniture. Among its advantages is the fact that it has an excellent quality-price ratio, and that it has turbo functionality, which cools the environment during the hot summer days.

FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose a column fan?
To choose an excellent column fan it is essential to take these aspects into consideration: design and size, structure and weight, rotation, airflow, the maximum flow rate of the device, extra functionality, and noise.

Who are the best column fans?
The best column fans are those made by Pro Breeze, the ARGO Oniro Tower Black, the Rowenta models (Eole Infinite). Other brands, such as Bimar, Tristar, Taotronics, and Brandson make excellent models with a very good quality/price ratio.

How much does a column fan cost?
The price of a column fan varies according to technical characteristics. On average it has a starting cost of € 50.00. The mid-range ones cost about € 70.00 and about € 100.00 will be needed for the best ones on the market.

Conclusions and final considerations
The best column fans are the optimal choice for all those who have little space and want to reduce the footprint of the fan in the home or office. They have high performance, countless accessories that make their efficiency even more decisive and above all they are distinguished by two fundamental characteristics: they have a really low noise level and therefore are often not audible to the naked eye, they are also very useful because they are able to direct the air in such a compact way as to keep a room cool without creating that turbine effect that is generated in a sometimes annoying way in classic air conditioners.

For this reason, they represent the elective choice for those who are looking for an excellent refrigerant system for their environment.

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