Best Dishwashers 2022: Buying Guide

On this page, you will discover the buying guide to the best dishwashers 2022, with insights, comparisons, reviews, and much more.

If someone asked us which appliance in our daily life we ​​would be willing to give up for a few days, surely the dishwasher 2022 would be put at the bottom of the list given its now fundamental role within large and small family groups, but also for singles who they simply don’t want to give up the convenience of having an appliance that does that tedious housework of washing dishes, cups, glasses and, when it gets worse, encrusted pots and pans.

What is the dishwasher and what is it for

A dishwasher is an appliance that takes care of washing all the dishes and kitchen utensils, allowing us to save time, energy and providing us with the additional advantage of being able to lighten the electricity and water bills.

If until a few years ago the dishwasher was accessible to a few families who could afford it, today there are more and more brands of household appliances that have made this product affordable for everyone by launching innovative models with an excellent quality/price ratio on the market.

Currently, dishwashers are available on the market that is able to satisfy every specific need of the consumer and to adapt to the spaces available to him, forming, in some cases, one with the rest of the kitchen furniture such as, for example, in the case of fully integrated built-in dishwashers.

How a dishwasher works

The operating mechanism of the dishwasher is very simple.

The water is taken from the domestic water system and placed in a tank located in the lower part of the machine, after which it is heated by an electric resistance which brings the water to the temperature indicated for the selected program.

When the water has reached its ideal temperature, the detergent with which it mixes is released, producing a mixture that is released onto the dishes through two diffuser arms.

A second wash, without soap, will remove the foam residues, while the dirty water and the rinse water will be directed towards the drain by means of a pump. If the selected program foresees it, once the rinsing is finished, the drying cycle will start.

How to choose the best dishwasher 2022

Here are some of the main features to consider when deciding to buy a dishwasher.


Undoubtedly, the first factor to consider when evaluating the purchase of a dishwasher is its capacity, i.e. how many dishes and kitchen utensils it can contain when washing them in a more than satisfactory way.

This depends above all on the number of family members or on how often they are used: for example, a 13-place dishwasher can cover the needs of a family of 4 who eat their main meals at home and who, therefore, will all use it. the days or the needs of a couple or a single who will use it only two or three times a week.

In principle, as far as capacity is concerned, dishwashers can wash 6 to 16 place settings with dimensions that obviously change according to their capacity. Regarding the latter aspect, apart from specific smaller models that can also be installed on a countertop, most modern dishwashers have a standard size that is equal to 60 cm and much of their efficiency depends on the internal arrangement and the number of baskets for the allocation of the dishes they contain.

Almost all of the models produced until a few years ago – but still today there are some – provided for the presence of two baskets and a removable cutlery basket which, however, has always created some problems in the arrangement of the dishes inside. of the lower basket for the amount of space it occupied and occupies.

The latest generation dishwashers, on the other hand, have eliminated it by providing a third, more discreet basket positioned in the upper part of the appliance for cutlery and kitchen utensils.

Electricity and water consumption

Immediately after the capacity, it is essential to realize how much our new dishwasher will affect the energy and water bill.

The fact that also for this type of household appliances the obligation required by a European directive that requires the display of energy labeling is in force favors an immediate reading of what are the consumptions that will be met, as well as immediately making I also take into account other important information concerning the performance of the dishwasher.

From the point of view of electricity consumption, the energy efficiency classes provided for these household appliances can be A +, A ++ or A +++: in the first case, consumption can reach 1kWh, while in the second, some savings can already be made, since consumption in A ++ is about 10% lower than consumption in A +.

The dishwashers equipped with energy class A +++ are the latest generation and with a fairly important purchase price compared to the standard models, but it must be said that such a dishwasher is able to provide high energy savings since consumption is around 0.8 kWh.

From the point of view of water consumption, also in this case saving becomes fundamental both to lighten the family bill and to preserve the natural resources we have available.

Fortunately, the dishwashers produced in recent years are equipped with advanced technologies and internal sensors capable of evaluating the number of dishes in the baskets, their level of dirt, and, consequently, adjusting the right water consumption to these needs to avoid unnecessary waste and excessive loads on the bill. To get a more precise idea of ​​what we are talking about, just think that today the latest generation dishwasher consumes no more than 7 liters of water, while the models of a few years ago consumed no less than 15 liters.

The energy label mentioned above also shows the annual water consumption of the dishwasher that is being considered calculated on an average of about 280 standard washes and which, therefore, also include prewash, rinsing, and drying: those that consume less than 2500 liters of water per year are the most virtuous dishwashers, while those that reach or exceed 3500 liters per year are definitely too expensive from the point of view of water consumption.

Dimensions and overall dimensions

The size of the dishwasher that you are going to buy depends essentially on two factors: the space available in your kitchen and the number of people whose dishes you will have to wash.

Currently, on the market, there are three types of dishwashers that differ in size and the number of place settings they can contain.

  • Standard models with dimensions 60x59x82 that can hold between 12 and 16 place settings
  • Slim models with dimensions 45x59x82 and which can hold between 8 and 10 place settings
  • Mini or table models with dimensions 40x50x50 that can hold between 4 and 8 place settings

Based on the size of our kitchen, the daily washing needs, and our and our family’s lifestyle, you can easily decide which typology to turn your attention to. Furthermore, dishwashers can be free-standing – when they have an independent body and do not integrate with the rest of the furniture – or built-in – when they integrate perfectly with the rest of the kitchen.

Performance and drying

In addition to guaranteeing excellent washing performance – a feature now presents on practically all dishwashers -, before purchasing one, it is also good to evaluate other fundamental performances such as the duration of the washing cycle, the levels of drying, and noise.

The washing cycle essentially depends on your specific personal needs and on the way in which you want to treat your dishes.

In general, the latest generation dishwashers allow you to choose between different programs, even 8 or 9, in order to meet any washing need: for example, Complete Program, Short, Eco, Silent, Crystals, Daily, Delicate, Steam … Each responding to specific needs and always very useful both from the point of view of the quality of the results and of energy and water saving.

The presence of some functions is also important: let’s think, for example, of the Delayed Start, the Sanitizing Function, the Half Load, the Progress Indicator, the Cancellation / Reset, or the completely modern possibility of communicating with your dishwasher. through an application on your smartphone even when you are away from home.

On the other hand, as far as noise is concerned, modern dishwashers are quite silent and their noise emissions are between 40dB and 55dB, but there are many models that provide a Silent low-emission program so as not to disturb especially during the night hours.

Finally, speaking of drying methods, modern machines aim at energy savings obtained thanks to the elimination of fans or condensers that were electrically activated and prefer to base drying on natural evaporation and external discharge.

As for routine maintenance , it is important to remember to periodically clean the dishwasher filter to always have excellent performance, even if some of the latest models on the market are equipped with very convenient self-cleaning filters.

Furthermore, it is essential to constantly supply the dishwasher with special salt and rinse aid: the first allows the regeneration of the dishwasher resins and prolongs their effectiveness over time, as well as reducing the onset of limescale, the second is not used to polish the dishes but it is used to facilitate and speed up drying.

Reviews of the best dishwashers 2022

This is the list of the best dishwashers of 2022:

  • CANDY Built-in Dishwasher CDI 1L38-02
  • Candy CDCP 6 / E Dishwasher
  • CANDY CDI 1L949 Slim Built-In Dishwasher
  • Electrolux Dishwasher EEA 17100 L
  • Bosch Series 2 SMV25EX00E
  • Bosch Series 4 SMU46LS00E
  • Whirlpool WFO 3O33 DX
  • Bosch Series 4 SMS46KI01E
  • Electrolux ESF8635ROX Dishwasher

CANDY Built-in Dishwasher CDI 1L38-02

Attractive from an aesthetic point of view and equipped with an opening through an exposed handle, this Candy dishwasher model is very elegant with its white color and chromed handle that makes it suitable for a modern and well-equipped kitchen. The control panel is equipped with a LED display and is located in the upper part of the opening where, once the program to be executed has been set, it disappears, preserving the linearity of the furniture.

Beyond the aesthetics, it is very functional and efficient thanks to the fact that it can wash 13 place settings at the same time despite its small size. Designed to meet the different needs of consumers who want a high-performance and easy-to-use product, it features six different types of washing with relative different temperatures, delayed start, and the comfortable ECO and Short cycles: the first allows significant savings in terms of water and electricity, the second lasts only 29 minutes and is useful when you have few dishes to wash. Another feature definitely in its favor is the presence of a filter with self-cleaning technology.

Candy CDCP 6 / E Dishwasher.

Suitable for a small family unit or for those who do not have large spaces available, this Candy dishwasher model comes with a compact design and a front control panel equipped with an LED display that remains visible.

Despite its small size, it can wash up to 6 place settings using six washing programs with five different temperature levels and consuming only seven liters of water for each cycle. It is, in fact, a considerable water saving which, associated with the A + class, allows not to burden too much on the bills. The interior spaces are very flexible and allow you to arrange many dishes with certain agility.

CANDY CDI 1L949 Slim Built-In Dishwasher

Compact and suitable for those with limited space in the kitchen, this Candy dishwasher model washes up to 9 place settings and is less wide – just 45cm – compared to the standard sizes of other models, but still guarantees efficiency and reliability while maintaining low consumption. The door has a handle opening system, while the LED display with the controls is retractable and allows you to select between five different washing programs that always guarantee excellent results with minimum water and energy consumption.

For example, the Quick program lasts just 24 minutes and allows you to wash dishes that are not excessively soiled, while the Sanitizing program lasts 130 minutes and has a temperature of up to 75 ° to eliminate the most stubborn dirt and also to sanitize baby bottles and other dishes for newborns.

Among the selectable options we also find the delayed start, while, in the event of a breakdown or malfunction, the Acquastop system immediately blocks the flow of water.

Electrolux Dishwasher EEA 17100 L

Up to 60cm wide and able to blend in with the rest of the furniture as it is totally hidden, this Electrolux dishwasher washes up to 13 place settings in class A + and can be defined as one of the best in terms of quality/price ratio.

Its engine is equipped with EcoSilence Drive technology which, in practice, eliminates any noise and, thanks to the SilencePlus system, brings the level of sound waves to just 48 dB. The clear control panel allows you to choose between 5 different programs, each with its own specific temperature: automatic program ranging from 45 ° to 65 °, an intensive program from 70 °, Eco program from 50 °, glass program at 40 °, and the program lasting 1 hour at 65 °.

The AirDry technology allows this model to dry dishes through a jet of natural air that is better than that produced by systems with closed-door: at the end of the wash, when the hot air cools, the dishwasher door opens automatically of 10cm and lets the natural air coming from outside circulate inside in order to obtain excellent drying results.

Bosch Series 2 SMV25EX00E

Equipped with a capacity that reaches 13 place settings with an A + energy class, the Bosch dishwasher combines simple lines with a respectable technical compartment that make it one of the most popular models currently on the market.

It is equipped with an efficient and silent EcoSilence Drive motor that adjusts the water pressure according to the type of program selected in order to always obtain excellent results while saving water and energy. There are 5 programs to choose from, including the one for glasses at 40 ° which gently cleans and dries flawlessly and free of unpleasant streaks. The lower basket can be adjusted in height to be able to accommodate even larger dishes or pots than usual, while the AquaStop greasing immediately stops the flow of water in the event of sudden malfunctions.

Being a retractable dishwasher that also hides the control panel, to get information while it is in operation, just rely on the InfoLight, a red LED dot that is projected on the floor when the dishwasher is still in operation and that turns off when she finished her period.

Bosch Series 4 SMU46LS00E

With this model, we officially enter the field of top-of-the-range dishwashers that guarantee excellent performance, various options, and programs that can be selected according to the most diverse needs and considerable water and energy savings.

The first thing that catches the eye is the modern and captivating appearance which, compared to the classic white models, sees in the foreground a stainless steel panel in the upper part of which the various commands for the programs and selectable options are arranged. Able to wash up to 13 place settings, it is equipped with the AquaSensor system which identifies the amount of dirt present on the dishes and calibrates the water to be used accordingly, while an internal sensor evaluates the weight of the dishes to realize the amount of material present. and, based on this, regulates energy consumption.

The SilencePlus system minimizes noise during dishwasher operation and Extra Dry prolongs the drying phase if there are dishes that tend to retain moisture drops, such as plastic and picnic utensils. A third basket placed in the upper internal part holds cutlery and small kitchen utensils to leave much more space underneath for all the other dishes.

Whirlpool WFO 3O33 DX

Another top-of-the-range model, it is 60cm wide and can wash up to 14 place settings, ideal for a large family or for those who love to organize dinners with relatives and friends.

Also, in this case, the appearance and design are modern and attractive thanks to the stainless steel with which it was made and the simple, intuitive, and elegant front control panel. There are six selectable programs, including the 6th Sense which uses special sensors to calibrate water and temperature based on the actual amount of dirt present on the dishes, or the Wash & Dry in 1-hour program.

The PowerDry technology ensures perfect drying, while the PowerClean Pro is able to remove the most stubborn dirt without the need for a previous soak thanks to the extra rear jets.

Bosch Series 4 SMS46KI01E

Also in this case we find the elegant stainless steel and the front control panel and very intuitive. It is able to wash up to 13 place settings with an A ++ energy class which guarantees savings in both electrical and water terms. The EcoSilence Drive motor supplies pressure to the right amount of water to be used for washing and prolongs the performance of the dishwasher over time. An indicator indicates how much time remains at the end of the program and the possibility of programming the start of the wash allows you to organize yourself with your own errands in the best possible way. An automatic system recognizes the type of detergent inserted – whether powder, liquid, or tablets – to take full advantage of its potential and is equipped with three self-cleaning filters at three levels.

The AquaSensor system recognizes the level of dirt present on the dishes and is suitable for this water and energy consumption, while the Active Purity Plus option allows the dishwasher to reach a temperature of 70 ° for ten minutes during which any harmful bacteria are removed from the dishes

Electrolux ESF8635ROX Dishwasher

Able to wash up to 15 place settings with A +++ energy efficiency and practically zero noise – only 44 dB -, this Electrolux dishwasher model is equipped with a double rotation satellite reel that allows the water jets to flow. reach any point of the tank to clean all the dishes in the best possible way regardless of the load.

Comfortable SoftGrip supports to support the most delicate glasses to clean them more than well and in complete safety, while the Pure Crystal system prevents the glasses and crystals from becoming opaque. There are six washing programs, each with its own specific temperature and suitable to meet every washing need, while a four-level self-cleaning filter guarantees constant hygiene and excellent performance for many years.

FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose a dishwasher?
To choose your dishwasher it is essential to know the following aspects: capacity (number of covers), electricity and water consumption, dimensions and space (and type: built-in, free installation, etc.)
performance and drying time, maintenance, and average duration.

What are the best dishwashers?
Within our site, you can find a list of the best dishwashers of this year. Starting from a low price range, we have talked about the advantages and disadvantages of many products, do not miss this opportunity.

How long does a dishwasher generally last?
The average life of a dishwasher is 10 years. It is certainly possible to increase its duration by following some small precautions: check and clean the filter and the blades, add salt to keep the performance always stable, and do not load the dishwasher too much, thus exceeding with food residues.

What is meant by place settings in dishwashers?
Dishwasher “covers” are commonly associated with a flat plate, a deep plate, a dessert plate, a cup, two glasses, and cutlery (knife, fork, spoon, and dessert spoon)

Conclusions and final considerations

From what has been said so far, it is clear that the factors to be taken into consideration when deciding to buy one of the best dishwashers are different and also the options that characterize the various types and models.

For this reason, it is important not to be guided only by the aesthetic aspect or by the modern performances that this type of appliance can guarantee, but it is necessary to choose the product that best suits your needs and your lifestyle to have a really useful dishwasher. and lasting over time.

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