Best Electric Broom 2022: Buying Guide

On this page, you will find the buying guide to the best electric broom of 2022, updated in July. Read on to find out how to choose the ideal model based on features, main functionalities, and also based on price range.

When you need to clean the house, if you use the broom you fear that some specks of dust may escape while if you use a vacuum cleaner you may struggle more due to its heaviness. It is therefore possible to opt for an excellent middle ground by choosing a vertical electric broom.

In today’s buying guide I will make you aware of all the parameters that you need to take into consideration before buying one of the best electric brooms, in order to make an informed purchase.

What it is and what it is for

A vertical electric broom combines the technology of vacuum cleaners with the ergonomic characteristics of a normal broom, being a small vacuum cleaner that is much lighter and more manageable than the common ones for towing.

Even if it is a little less powerful, it is not for this reason that it is inefficient.

Obviously, you have to choose it according to your personal needs, as there are various types: with a bag, without a bag, with a battery or connected to electricity.

It is very suitable especially for those who need a tool to use every day to clean the house quickly.

Initially, the products belonging to this category were unable to compete with traditional vacuum cleaners, but over the years they have been increasingly perfected and today many models are able to obtain highly satisfactory results, capable of “winning”, thanks not only to an excellent quality/price ratio, on direct competitors.

Those who use an electric broom can enjoy countless advantages, first of all, low consumption of electricity. It is also very practical and easy to handle, able to reach even the most hidden areas thanks to its small size.

How to choose an electric broom

We take into consideration every aspect of electric brooms: only in this way is it possible to buy an excellent device to use at home.

By continuing to read you will be able to discover all the features and functions that a good electric broom must have.

Dimensions and structure

Almost all the electric brooms that can be found on the market today have a compact and manageable structure.

However, care must always be taken to ensure that the product conforms to your habits and especially to the size of the house and the surfaces.

If you have a large house it is always better to opt for a compact electric broom, so that you can easily move from one room to another.

The purchase of an electric broom is generally evaluated with the intention of using it every day, so it is important to choose a model that is not bulky so that you can keep it in order to always have it at hand.

The dimensions play an important role even when we do not use the device: in almost all cases inside the package we find a charging station to be fixed to the wall that allows us to store the device when it is not in use. Generally, the more expensive models are sold together with a stand to exhibit and are able to stand alone, an important and useful function during cleaning operations.

In any case, it is not possible to evaluate only the dimensions carried by the object, but its weight is also of fundamental importance. The lighter the product, the less effort it will take to transport it to the different corners of the house.

I noticed that in the 2022 market the design of the electric brooms is practically identical for each model: there is a rotating brush, the hose, and the machine body (i.e. the motor of the device).

Autonomy and power supply

As already mentioned, the electric broom can be powered by two different systems: with a rechargeable battery or by means of an electric socket.

The most convenient is obviously the wireless one, but in this case, you have to pay close attention to the type of battery mounted, as this is what power depends on.

The battery can be lithium-ion or nickel. The power remains constant as regards the first type, while the nickel ones tend to decrease it when the charge is about to run out.

In addition, unlike lithium batteries, the charging capacity of nickel batteries tends to become less over time. This makes the price of the electric broom with lithium batteries slightly higher.

In any case, the autonomy varies from the battery and the power of the device, but also from the program used: starting from medium quality models you can choose between Eco, Standard, and Max suction; the max mode also allows you to vacuum up the debris of 1/2 cm, but the residual autonomy will be equal to 10 minutes.

When choosing a cordless electric broom, attention must also be paid to autonomy.

To ensure that the desire for comfort is satisfied, it is necessary that the charge lasts long enough to allow the cleaning to be completed, then evaluate the times according to the needs.

In other cases, it is good to opt for a corded electric broom, certainly less practical, but without autonomy problems.

Autonomy of electric brooms by price range:

  • Low price range: 20-30 minutes
  • Average price range: 20-35 minutes
  • High price range: 30-45 minutes

In addition, some models are equipped with a removable battery, very important to consider, both to extend the autonomy (just buy a second one and replace it as needed), and for any malfunctions.

Suction power (expressed in Watts)

The power with which an electric broom equipped with a socket works is expressed by the value in Watts. The watts of an electric broom vary from 200 to 500 and roughly indicate the power of the device.

One of the best models on the market proposed by Dyson has a power of 545 Watts, a mid-range model proposed by Tineco 450 Watts and an economical model from Ultenic has 260 Watts.

At this precise point, we must also consider the revolutions per minute performed by the brush and all the suction modes present. If you have carpets, some electric brooms automatically adjust the power to the maximum in the presence of carpets.

The types

There are basically two main types of electric broom:

  • With bag;
  • With cyclonic tank.

Let’s see in detail the fundamental differences between one and the other category.

As for the electric brooms with bags, these are slightly cheaper than the others and have a greater capacity to contain dirt.

However, it is necessary to consider the lower energy efficiency compared to the counterparts equipped with a cyclonic tank. In fact, electric brooms with bags require a higher amount of energy to work at the same power as those that use the other technology.

The cyclonic tank electric brooms, even if they do not require the additional expense of the bags, must obviously be emptied. Furthermore, since they are less capacious, this procedure must be repeated more often. In any case, it is a very simple and quick operation.

Both types, like all vacuum cleaners, are equipped with a filtering system consisting of two levels: the first dedicated to blocking larger debris and the second aimed at containing fine dust.

Many high-level electric brooms also have a third filter: the HEPA filter, useful for retaining all types of particles. This is especially the case with electric brooms with bags.

Tank capacity

Cordless electric brooms have a tank that collects dirt and dust. The capacity of the tank is generally expressed in Liters and indicates exactly how much dirt it can contain: I would say that 0.3 L or 0.5 L of capacity are more than enough. In any case, on the market, there are numerous variants and alternatives so as to choose the ideal capacity based on the square meters to be cleaned.

It must also be said that the right maintenance must be carried out: therefore every 10 days the container must be emptied and cleaned (if indicated by the manufacturer also washed with water and soap).

Smart screen and functionality

The best electric brooms are the smart or dated ones on the screen.

  • Electric brooms with screen: The screen, generally inserted in the main body of the device, shows us all the main information during use. We can see at a glance the remaining autonomy, we can check and adjust the suction mode and view when to carry out maintenance or malfunction warnings.
  • Smart electric brooms: Some electric brooms are equipped with WiFi connectivity: through a smartphone or tablet app we can control the commands and the suction power directly from the phone, access the cleaning logs, receive updates or alerts from the manufacturer and monitor the status maintenance of the device.
    Personally, I prefer those with a screen for everyday cleaning: in fact, holding the phone to control the electric broom is uncomfortable. However, the electric brooms app allows us to carry out more precise maintenance, puts us in direct contact with assistance, and so on.

Floor washing

I tested many electric brooms and some had the functionality of washing floors. Practically inside the package, we can find a small magnetic mop to be hooked behind the main brush: this mop is a small water tank with a microfiber cloth underneath that allows us to freshen up the floors making the cleaning operation more hygienic.

It is good to specify that they do not wash the floors, to carry out that single task it is good to rely on the best floor cleaners.

Accessories included in the package

Inside the package, we can find some extra accessories. The most common are:

  • 2-in-1 nozzle: To vacuum crumbs or to remove dust;
  • Mini Brush: For vacuuming car interiors, sofas, curtains, or bed;
  • Spare parts: HEPA filter / Additional prefilter, second central brush;
  • Vertical stand: Vertical charging base to be displayed or placed in a closet;
  • Magnetic washing mop: Only on some models.

Best electric brooms

This is the list of the best electric brooms of 2022:

  • Hoover FD22G 2 in 1 Rechargeable Broom
  • ONEDAY wireless electric broom
  • Aries 2761 Handy Force
  • Rowenta RH8121WB Powerline Extreme Bagless
  • H.Koenig Up600
  • Proscenic P10 Pro
  • De’Longhi Colombina Cordless
  • Ultenic U11
  • Dyson V11 Absolute

The buying guide to the best electric broom does not end there: we have identified the best models based on their price range. Discover the product that is right for you also based on the budget you are willing to spend.

Low-end electric broom (under € 100)

Hoover FD22G 2 in 1 Rechargeable Broom

It is practical and comfortable and is designed for daily cleaning. Wireless guarantees versatility and easy handling, ideal for those who use it several times a day.

The lithium battery has an autonomy of 25 minutes and the power button must not be held down during cleaning. Just pull the lever and the broom will stay on with a simple touch. Inside it has several accessories such as the integrated turbo brush, 2-in-1 brush, nozzle for the cracks, all interchangeable to ensure different modes of use depending on the surface to be cleaned or the point to be reached.

The integrated handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to unhook, useful on floors, fabrics, and shelves of all kinds reaches even the most hidden areas, also practical for cleaning the interior of the car.

The Hoover FD22G broom is mainly designed for daily and frequent use by a family and maintains good hygiene even in the presence of pets.

ONEDAY wireless electric broom

The One-day cordless vacuum cleaner is very light and easy to handle, ideal for those who have pets or children at home and are therefore forced to vacuum floors and sofas often. Convenient because wireless and eliminates all obstacles giving freedom of movement and practicality.

It has a lithium-ion battery and lasts up to 35 minutes on a full charge, uses the patented L-cyclone technology. Even the materials are durable and quality, the dust tray is made of shock-resistant ABS. The filter placed inside is ecological because it was washable and reusable. The broom weighs about 1.05kg and this gives it lightness and manageability.

Furthermore, this broom is very quiet and therefore lends itself to frequent domestic use without disturbing inhabitants and neighbors. Having no wires, it can be used anywhere. Thanks to the convenient accessories, it becomes the ideal broom for cleaning the car. The package includes a floor brush, mattress brush, square brush, crevice brush, extension tube.

The broom also turns into a handy handheld vacuum cleaner useful for cleaning seats, sofas, and other surfaces in the kitchen.

Aries 2761 Handy Force

Type: With wire

The Ariete 2761 Handy Force electric broom is suitable for all those who need a dual function: vacuum cleaner and handheld vacuum cleaner.

The design of this product allows you to carefully clean carpets, floors, crevices, and surfaces that are particularly difficult to clean.

Handy and practical, the weight is even less than 3 kg, precisely 2.82 kg. The energy class is A +, but the performance is still excellent for a low-end product.

The universal brush is ideal for any type of floor, the HEPA filter that ensures maximum performance even in the presence of pets such as dogs and cats, and the low noise level make this electric broom one of the most purchased on Amazon

It is also excellent for cleaning the interior of your car!

Rowenta RH8121WB Powerline Extreme Bagless

Type: With wire

Going up a little with the price, but always remaining under € 100.00, you can find the Rowenta RH8121WB Powerline vertical electric broom.

The performances are class A, as well as the energy-saving and the filtering system. Looking for high performance in a low-end electric broom means accepting a small compress: a weight of 3.82 kg. Practically almost 9 ounces compared to the models previously described.

The suction is effective and really on every surface: from wooden floors to tiles. Cyclonic technology, high performance, high-efficiency filtering, and energy-saving are the background to a good quality device.

If your need is a thorough cleaning and you can accept a more sustained weight and a little articulation as a compromise, this is the product for you.

H.Koenig Up600

Type: Wireless

How not to mention the H.Koenig Up600 vertical bagless electric broom, one of the very few for this price range.

The main feature of this broom is, of course, that it is totally free from cables: it is possible to clean every corner of the house without any limit. It is probably one of the lightest brooms on the market: only 1.11 kg, which together with 64 dB of noise, the energy class A and the capacity of 1.1 liters make it the best buy in this category.

The motto of this product is: “Deep cleaning made easy” and actually better words could not be used to describe the functionality and features of the device.

The battery lasts approximately 40 minutes; the accessories included are the charging station, a round brush, and the flat nozzle.

If you are looking for a cordless mop, this is the best low-end model.

Mid-range vacuum cleaner (between € 100 and € 200)

Proscenic P10 Pro

The Proscenic P10 Pro vacuum cleaner is practical and convenient because it is cordless, with a battery life of 52 minutes, and therefore also suitable for large surfaces. Its powerful 260 Watt motor generates a suction power of up to 23000Pa to ensure an excellent level of cleaning.

Inside the package, we find wall support, motor, mini suction head, spout suction head, removable battery, round brush, elongated tube, and floor suction head. This vacuum cleaner is made excellent for cleaning hair and hair thanks to the technology present in its brush with a roller which features a saw design useful for cutting hair and hair without creating tangles inside the brush or filter.

It features a 4-stage filter to block the exit of fine dust. Its touch screen allows you to quickly change cleaning mode, show any anomalies or errors and quickly know the battery charge. Its artificial intelligence manages to balance battery life with the power of suction.

One of its plus points is the local and reliable customer service. The battery is removable, the filter is washable and it is possible to mount it on the wall with special support. To always have the best suction power, it is advisable to keep the filter, the suction heads, and the dust container clean and washed. The special brush for pets can be purchased separately.

Hoover FD22RP Freedom

Type: Wireless

The Hoover FD22RP Freedom 2 in 1 is the best-selling electric broom ever. Currently discounted on Amazon, this device includes a basic “Allergy and Pets” kit, so it is particularly suitable for those who have pets or suffer from allergies.

Broom and portable vacuum cleaner: this is the function that makes the product 2 in 1. So you can use the broom to clean any type of floor, or use the mini turbo nozzle to clean animal hair or surfaces that are more difficult to reach. The wall bracket is already included in the package.

The only flaw? Autonomy of 25 minutes, a little too short, but this parameter varies according to the size of your home.

Severin HV 7160 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Severin HV 160 wireless broom has, among the accessories available in the package, a motorized brush that can be excluded when needed. The roller of the bristles is differentiated: the red ones are used to collect the finest dust while the blue ones capture hair and animal hair.

The broom is designed for allergy sufferers thanks to the removable and washable Hepa filter, which captures bacteria, fungi, and allergens of all kinds. The brush connects directly to the motor body for cleaning steps and fabrics or to the extension for floors and hidden corners. Also equipped with LED lights to better locate dirt in dark corners also thanks to the 180 ° joint.

The lithium-ion battery has an autonomy of 30 minutes and recharges in three hours and is equipped with a wall bracket for easy storage. The tank is disassembled with a gesture and is therefore very easy to empty.

Among the accessories also included a 3 in 1 which consists of a crevice nozzle, a nozzle for upholstery, a nozzle with a brush for delicate surfaces, even a roller with spare bristles for the brush.

Proscenic P10 Cordless electric broom

This Proscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a display that allows you to view the battery level and any error codes. With a simple button, you can adjust the suction speed and it has a powerful motor that can capture even the largest particles.

The 2 in 1 roller brush is equipped with LED lights to better see dirt under sofas, beds, and furniture. It is composed of soft and hard bristles so as to make it suitable not only for cleaning the floor but also for curtains and carpets.

Among the accessories included in the package, the extension to switch from broom to handheld vacuum, the practical spout for the narrowest points and the highest corners, and the 2-in-1 brush. The broom has a practical hook to be stored on the wall safely in practical space-saving mode.

Rowenta RH9051WO Air Force 360

The Rowenta Air Force 360 3 in 1 cordless broom in its elegant white and cobalt blue color, is versatile and handy thanks to its lightness: it weighs less than 2 kg.

The engine is cyclonic technology with two power levels, the first standard, and the second turbo, both adapt to different cleaning needs depending on the surfaces and fabrics such as curtains and carpets. The battery is lithium and guarantees autonomy for cleaning for up to 30 minutes. The motorized brush is foldable to reach the points under furniture, beds, and sofas and is equipped with LED light to better see dark spaces.

Suitable for all types of flooring, from porcelain stoneware to parquet. Without the extension tube, it becomes a practical handheld vacuum cleaner and, with the versatility of the nozzles and brushes supplied, it can be useful for cleaning mattresses, cushions, and steps. Also useful for cleaning the interior of the car.

De’Longhi Colombina Cordless

Type: Wireless

The vertical electric broom made by De Longhi is powerful, cordless, and with an autonomy of 50 minutes. The multi-surface brush is suitable for use on carpets, hard floors, parquet, and other types of surfaces.

The various cleaning modes are a killer feature of this broom: it is possible to maximize the performance according to the surface to be cleaned with a comfortable button, as well as you can choose between three suction speeds. The convenient docking station ensures automatic recharging of the device from the moment it is placed.

High-end electric broom (over 200 €)

Ultenic U11

The Ultenic U11 cordless electric broom has a motor with a suction capacity of up to 25Kpa, it is able to independently increase the suction power when it is vacuuming on a carpet to eliminate any type of dirt. Its autonomy is 55 minutes in standard mode for a recharge time of about 3 hours, while using the highest power the battery lasts about 13/15 minutes. The removable battery allows you to always have a second battery already charged in case of need. Its charging station is practical and convenient because it allows you to keep all the extra accessories in order.

This vacuum cleaner can be recharged in three ways: directly with the cable, by inserting the battery in the charging station, or by inserting the vacuum cleaner in the station.

Its touch screen displays information such as battery level, type of suction, and error codes. The package contains various accessories including the charging station, the roller brush, the square suction head, the mini suction head, and the round brush.

For everyday vacuuming, the Auto function is the most convenient, the vacuum cleaner adjusts the suction power automatically according to the type of surface on which it is located. The HEPA filter is recommended to be replaced every 6 months and to always have excellent performance, clean the filter with water, making sure it is completely dry before proceeding with suction. All accessories are easily washable. On the brush, there is a comfortable LED light to better identify fluff, dust, and crumbs even in the narrowest and darkest spaces of the house.

JIMMY JV83 Wireless electric broom

The JIMMY JV83 electric broom has a powerful 100,000 rpm motor with a power of 450W with a suction power of 135AW for deep cleaning and seven lithium batteries, it is cordless and possesses exceptional performance. With its 60 minutes of autonomy, the battery is easily removable and can also be recharged separately, thus allowing us to vacuum large sizes. It weighs only 1.5kg and its handle is ergonomic, reducing fatigue to a minimum.

The Jimmy jv83 electric broom is able to eliminate allergens and dust mites from the environment, making it very effective for people with allergy problems. Its anti-mite brush allows you to clean even sofas, beds, and cushions in depth.

In the packaging of this advanced electric broom, we can find the motorized brush that cleans and polishes the floor at the same time so as to save us precious time, a brush for upholstery, a 2 in 1 crevice nozzle to reach even small spaces, a flexible hose, an anti-mite brush, a charging stand, and a soft brush.

Equipped with a HEPA filter, this high-efficiency filter is able to purify the air during cleaning being able to retain even the smallest particles. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for carpets, floors of any surface, fabrics, beds, and sofas. Easy to use for thorough daily cleaning.

Rowenta RH9474 Air Force Flex 560

The Rowenta RH9474 electric broom is one of the best devices currently on the market. We refer to the top market, where the technical characteristics, the technical datasheet, and the individual functions are of an excellent level, to say the least.

It is described as: “Powerful where others stop”. The Air Force Flex model was designed to shift the balance of other products.

For example, the flexible design allows you to reach positions and angles that are impossible and unthinkable for other competitors. This design concept alone allows you to reach and vacuum 500% more dust.

In synergy with the flexible design, there is the power, which in this precise case reaches over 100 Air Watt. Twice as powerful as ever, an excellent runtime of 40 minutes and silent – this is the best device in the entire category. It also comes with a wide range of accessories to take care of both the car and pets.

Discover now the offer dedicated to you.

Dream V10 Cordless vacuum cleaner

A very powerful 4-in-1 cordless broom thanks to the Space 3.0 technology patent that gives the digital motor a strong suction power. The filtration system is five-stage and completely sealed, which guarantees the collection of 99% of particles while keeping the air in the environment pleasant and clean. The filter and accessories are washable.

The battery is Samsung and guarantees an autonomy of up to 60 minutes in the energy-saving mode, 30 minutes in the standard model,l and 10 minutes in the max to carry out difficult cleaning jobs that require greater suction power. The broom is silent and therefore excellent for not disturbing the sleep of children or neighbors. The internal structure is ergonomic and, compared to the previous series, it is lighter and easier to carry.

Practical, functional, powerful, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with an electric roller brush with an independent motor. Numerous interchangeable accessories allow you to clean different surfaces at different heights including car interiors. The dirt tank is easily emptied by pressing a single button. Easy to install, it is equipped with a wall hook to be stored in space-saving mode.

Philips Speedpro Max FC6823 / 01

Type: Wireless

The Philips Speedpro Max FC6823 / 01 electric broom is now more powerful than ever: it guarantees an ultra-fast and cordless cleaning experience.

Autonomy and power are the two strengths of this device: over 65 minutes of autonomy that allow the universal brush with 360 ° suction and the Powerblade motor (> 1000 l / min) to go at maximum power in search of dust and dirt.

The smart digital display allows you to check the remaining range and all useful parameters: speed settings, range, filter status, and much more.

The LED lights, on the other hand, are very useful for eliminating any hair or dirt stuck.

The emptying without creating dust, the ease of reaching every point of the house, and the total reliability of a brand like Philips make this device one of the best in the top range.

Dreams V11

The Dream V11 is a cordless vacuum cleaner with a noise reduction system, a motor that reaches 125,000 rpm, a power of 450W with powerful and long-lasting performance. Its battery has an autonomy of 90 minutes if you use the standard model, with the intermediate mode it lasts 30 minutes, and finally, with the turbo mode, its duration is 10 minutes.

Its resistant digital display with locking system is able to provide us with a lot of information about the product indicating if it needs maintenance, the battery level, the suction program we are using and the status of the filter. Its filter is composed of 5 12 cyclone filter systems to double its life. The dust container is very easy to empty thanks to its button.

The Dream V11 vacuum cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty and excellent customer service.

Tinoco Pure One S12: the smart broom

Tinoco Pure One S12 is a vertical broom with a sensational performance. Its system is integrated with sensors capable of detecting the amount of dirt and automatically dosing the suction power to be used. Its battery is removable and has a duration of 50 minutes.

Its 500W motor has a maximum suction power of 145W, managing to thoroughly clean fabrics, carpets, and rugs. This technological vacuum cleaner reduces noise and expertly manages its battery. It has a very detailed LED display that will be able to indicate, in addition to the battery level, any anomalies and the level of suction, even the amount of dust detected.

Tinoco presents a technology capable of cleaning the filter automatically in real-time so as to always guarantee a high suction performance. The power can also be adjusted manually.

This technological vacuum cleaner can always be connected with us through the appropriate application that provides us with the information of our Tinoco. Inside the package, we find the motorized brush with LED, a nozzle for the crevices, an elongated tube, two filters, the wall support, a tool for removing hair, the mini motorized brush, a nozzle 2 in 1, and one flexible tool for cleaning at the bottom of the longest crevices.

FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best electric brooms?

To choose the best electric broom you need to consider these simple aspects: design together with the size and weight, power, autonomy and power supply, tank capacity, type of accessories in the package and price.

How much does an electric broom cost?
The electric brooms, with or without wires, have a price that varies according to the characteristics offered by the single device. The starting price is very low, in fact, there are models available on the main online stores for € 75.00. The price goes up to € 130.00 or € 150.00 for medium quality models and goes up to € 200.00 for the top of the range.

What power should a good electric broom have?
Generally, a good vacuum cleaner should consume between 1000 and 2000 watts. However, it is good to know that this figure expressed in Watts measures the energy absorption of this appliance and does not always coincide with good suction power. To check the suction power it is necessary to check the number of air watts, which are considered acceptable by 200; a good average is that between 250 and 400 Air Watt.

Is the cordless vacuum cleaner better?
When you are about to choose a vacuum cleaner nowadays it is preferable to opt for a wireless model. The technology that revolves around this sector is constantly evolving, in fact, all the problems related to the first wireless models have been solved: it is sufficient to check the suction power and the total autonomy – based on the size of the surface to be cleaned – and proceed to the purchase of a cordless electric broom, more comfortable and practical.

Are electric brooms silent?
Each appliance has precise technical characteristics, which must be consulted with expert eyes at the time of purchase. Each manufacturer inserted between the technical specifications the dB produced by the electric broom during suction. A value lower than 80 dB is considered silent, however, up to 90-95 dB are tolerable.

Conclusions and final considerations

The buyer’s guide to the best upright electric broom ends here. Were you able to find the perfect device for your needs? Alternatively you can always discover all our buying guides:

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