Best Evaporative Cooler 2022: Buying Guide

This is the buying guide to the best evaporative cooler 2022, by continuing to read you will discover useful information to choose the device tailored for you.

When coolness is sought on hot summer days and sultry sleepless nights, an excellent contribution can be obtained from an evaporative cooler: it is a still little-known device, but which represents a valid alternative to traditional air conditioning, especially if you need to cool an environment not excessive in size.

Let’s find out in detail what the evaporative cooler is for, its operation, and all the most important features to consider before making the purchase, in order to choose the best evaporative cooler currently on the market.

What it is and what it is for

The evaporative cooler is a very useful device during the days when temperatures are well above the average, it proves essential in offices or residential environments where air conditioners have not been installed, thus representing a valid alternative.

In short, the evaporative cooler is a very valid device that manages to cool rooms that are not excessively large. To underline it is very different from a conceptual point of view from a fan in that it is able to lower the temperature just as it happens with an air conditioner or a portable air conditioner.

By choosing this product, you can benefit from numerous benefits. First of all, compared to a classic air conditioner there is a considerable saving both as regards the purchase and as regards the consumption of electricity.

In addition, it only introduces healthy cooled air, which protects people from possible ailments and health ailments such as colds, coughs, joint pains, and more. Finally, since the evaporative cooler is a mobile device, it can be easily moved from one side to the other, it can be used alternatively in any environment and does not require the support of a specialized technician for installation.

How does it work

To better understand the potential of an evaporative cooler it is necessary to carefully analyze its operation: it can be seen as a sort of fan with ice or as a water fan.

In its internal structure, there is a classic fan capable of sucking air from the surrounding environment and then directing it towards an evaporative panel that is kept continuously wet thanks to water or ice. In fact, there are several models, in particular, some use water to cool, while others use ice. These two elements are inserted inside a tank which is positioned in the heart of the device.

Thanks to this simple and ingenious internal circuit, the evaporative cooler is able to lower the temperature by returning fresher air to the environment. It should be noted that, by using this product, it is also possible to protect people’s health as no chemical agents or aggressive substances such as refrigerant gas are used, but only natural elements.

Thanks to this operating principle, the device avoids any risk of condensation and humidity inside the environment as no liquid water is introduced into the air, but only in the gaseous state in the form of cooled molecules.

Comparative table of the best evaporative cooler

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How to choose the best evaporative cooler

Not sure how to choose an evaporative cooler? The following are a series of insights and advice on the basic parameters to be taken into consideration.

Airflow and power

When choosing an evaporative cooler, its power and consequently the airflow rate is of some importance. In general terms, the greater the power the product has, the greater the airflow.

Before deepening the discussion, it is good to remember that the airflow is expressed in cubic meters, while the power is in the classic watts.

The optimal approach from this point of view is to choose the power and quality of the air according to the environments in which you want to use the cooler. From a practical point of view, the airflow together with the power offers us important information on the capacity or rather on the amount of air that the cooler can regenerate in an hour. By virtue of these characteristics, the cost of the cooler can vary quite considerably.

On average, an evaporative cooler with a power of 100 watts has an airflow rate of about 1000 cubic meters per hour. To calculate the flow rate you need, you need to evaluate the surface of the room and obviously multiply by the height, so you get the volume of the room. According to the volume, it will be necessary to choose the airflow rate of the product to be purchased.

Tank capacity and autonomy

The autonomy of the evaporative cooler is obviously influenced by the capacity of the tank: the larger the tank, the greater the autonomy of the device which will be able to function correctly for a certain period of time.

Of course, when evaluating the purchase of this product, it is also necessary to take into consideration that the data provided by the manufacturer are purely indicative as much depends on one’s habits and on the operating modes that are dissected.

On the special display, usually present on the top of the evaporative cooler, there is the possibility for the user to select the mode of use and the speed of the fans. Clearly, by increasing the speed of the fans there will be a faster consumption of the water or ice present in the tank, so the autonomy decreases drastically.

It should be borne in mind that all the various characteristics of the evaporative cooler are linked by a very thin invisible thread. In the specific case, we have said that the autonomy is influenced by the size of the tank which in turn is influenced by the power of the device itself: the greater the power of the tank, the more you will be able to enjoy a greater autonomy with the same operation.

Therefore, to choose and evaluate the various autonomies, we must also take into account the power of the tank. Usually, the tank has a capacity ranging from a minimum of 5 liters to a maximum of 8 liters in the larger models. The advice is always to choose a product that offers a better capacity, which means having to worry less about filling the same tank.

Dimensions, weight, and portability

The evaporative cooler is a portable device that can be easily moved from one room to another without any kind of problem and without the support of a qualified technician. This means that one of its strengths is represented by portability and flexibility of use.

To make the device extremely usable from this point of view, it is necessary to adequately evaluate the dimensions and the degree of portability of the device. From this point of view, there are no major problems, as almost all of them have been made by their respective manufacturers in an extremely compact format and do not create problems for positioning within an environment.

Obviously, if you are thinking of constantly moving the evaporative cooler over the course of a day from the kitchen to the living room rather than into the bedroom, you must also necessarily evaluate the weight and the presence of the four swiveling wheels. In the evaluation, it is also good to take into account that the transport of the product from one side to the other is further facilitated thanks to the presence of handles.

Features and programs

The evaporative cooler usually has a series of commands in the upper part that allow you to manage all the functions and use programs provided by the manufacturer.

In evaluating and choosing this kind of product, it is also and above all to take into consideration the types of functionality and programs available, in such a way as to be sure to buy a product that suits your needs and the environment you want. cool. First of all, this kind of product allows you to choose at least three different modes of use.

The first type is the normal mode in which the user can manually select the speed of the air jet. In this way, you can increase or decrease the speed as appropriate. In addition, you can take advantage of the so-called natural mode with which the device will work automatically by simulating the trend of the sea breeze. If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy a certain thermal comfort during the night, it is necessary to opt for the night mode in which there will be a reduced speed by the fan and an even lower noise to allow a correct rest.

In addition to these main methods of use, there are usually other functions that could be equally important. For example, if you want to use the evaporative cooler during a spring period in which the temperatures are high, but not excessive, you can use it as a classic fan. This function can be selected directly on the display on the top or through the special remote control which in some cases is offered by the manufacturer inside the package. When the fan function is selected, the cold water present in the tank is not used and therefore only the fan will operate.

In almost all models there is a timer function that allows you to program both the start of the device at a certain preset time and its shutdown. In some models, the auto switch-off function is present separately and is activated automatically when the appliance realizes that the water in the tray is about to run out.

Finally, in some of the more advanced models, there are also the so-called smart functions that allow the evaporative cooler to connect and be controlled by remote devices such as a smartphone or tablet. With these features, you can better manage the cooler not only as regards switching on and off, but also by adjusting the various functions. You can also check whether the device is compatible or not with some of the most prominent and popular voice assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.


To keep the characteristics and efficiency of the evaporative cooler unchanged over time, it must be properly dealt with maintenance and cleaning interventions. In general, some of its internal components must be periodically cleaned, in particular the valve, the tank, and the filters.

The advice is to choose a device that allows you to easily extract these three elements to be able to clean them. In fact, cleaning is quite simple and immediate as it is sufficient to use a damp cloth or a brush with running water. Periodically, all those parts that are intended for the evaporation process must also be checked, perhaps carrying out a sanitizing action from time to time to avoid that molds can form over the months that could represent a concrete risk to health.

Finally, a good habit is to always use slightly calcareous water to prevent any sediments from causing scaling over time that could not allow the correct supply of water during the operation of the device.

Reviews of the best evaporative coolers 2022

This is the list of the best evaporative coolers of 2022:

  • Evaporative cooler Ardes AR5R06D EOLO TOUCH
  • OneConcept Freshboxx 3 in 1
  • Pro Breeze Evaporative Cooler 10L
  • MACOM Enjoy & Relax 995 Typhoon
  • OneConcept Kingcool
  • Klarstein Skyscraper Horizon
  • Klarstein Whirlwind
  • Klarstein Windspiel

Evaporative cooler Ardes AR5R06D EOLO TOUCH

The Eolo Touch model produced by the well-known company Ardes focuses on ergonomics and ease of use but not only. In fact, it hides a very powerful and efficient soul capable of refreshing the air of the rooms in which it is placed in a short time and in a lasting way. Furthermore, its refreshing action is extended by the innovative ventilation system that provides for the passage of air through freshwater so as to have better results with reduced energy consumption.

Inside we also find a large tank with a maximum capacity of 4 liters, which can be refilled both from the side and from the top for greater convenience, especially in small environments. There are also some very interesting additional features such as the automatic on and off timer and three selectable modes thanks to which it is possible to adapt the power and speed of the airflow to your needs.

A very useful and reliable product that, however, lacks in design due to not very modern lines that do not marry with new and avant-garde furnishings.

OneConcept Freshboxx 3 in 1

This evaporative cooler from an aesthetic point of view has several aspects in common with the model presented previously, albeit with such a slight improvement that make it more attractive and versatile. In addition to the white color, it is also available in a totally black version and the four wheels present in the lower part are small in size so as to streamline the line of the entire product without sacrificing comfort and ease of transport.

From a technical point of view, the OneConcept Freshbooxx is undoubtedly one of the most complete and versatile devices in the sector thanks to a triple function made available to customers and easily selectable with a simple button. In addition to the evaporative action, in fact, it can also be used in fan and humidifier mode. The tank is very large, has a capacity of 6 liters, and guarantees excellent autonomy and efficiency even with prolonged and intense use.

An excellent product from the point of view of quality/price ratio, suitable for everyone and for all types of environments. The only negative note is to be found in the price but it is highly justified by the general quality offered. No timer.

Pro Breeze Evaporative Cooler 10L

The Pro Breeze cooler is loud and focuses on power and autonomy. The large 10-liter tank guarantees unprecedented duration with a continuous and highly effective refreshing action thanks to the powerful motor hidden inside is capable of delivering an astounding airflow of about 408m³ / h but also brings dimensions and higher weight. Also in this case we are faced with a multi-function product but, unlike the previous model, it also provides an additional mode or the night one.

The latter has been specially designed to guarantee a constant and moderate action for the duration of the night, very important especially in the long and hot dark summer hours. Unlike classic air conditioners, the Pro Breeze does not cause any health risk in the weakest subjects, and thanks to the presence of the timer it will be possible to automatically manage its shutdown.

Also convenient is the LED timer on the front where it is possible to read all the information in real-time. Finally, inside the package, there are also two spare cold packs.

MACOM Enjoy & Relax 995 Typhoon

Let’s now talk about a very compact evaporative cooler designed mainly for all those who are looking for a simple, reliable, and easy to carry product in any circumstance. Don’t be fooled by all this, however, because with its 15-liter tank of maximum capacity it guarantees excellent performance even in medium and large-sized environments and with long-lasting uses. Its design leads it to have more streamlined lines with a less wide but higher structure.

This favors its installation even in tight spaces and its movement from one room to another for a refreshing action that will make any trace of heat and humidity disappear in your home or office in a few minutes.

In the upper part, moreover, there is a comfortable soft-touch panel through which it is possible to select and customize with a simple touch all the various modes provided. There are no timers and night mode. Inside the package are included two spare fresh packs and an analog remote control as an alternative to the touch panel.

OneConcept Kingcool

After talking about coolers mostly aimed at domestic use, let’s now move on to a model aimed mainly at a more professional use and for large environments where you need more power and a much higher airflow.

The Kingcool, in fact, has a powerful 95 Watt motor capable of delivering a flow of about 2340m³ / h. Unlike the other models, the OneConcept Kingcool does not use the classic construction choice that involves the presence of small oscillating fans but we find a large central turbine that helps the spread of fresh air more widely and quickly with waste and reduced energy consumption.

The tank does not have an astounding maximum capacity (only 8 liters) but thanks to the optimization of the system it still allows for good autonomy. There are five operating modes that can be selected, one of which acts to simulate the real action of the wind with a gradual and intermittent flow. Also, present the air ionizer for better quality.

Klarstein Skyscraper Horizon

The Horizon is the first of the three models of evaporative coolers produced by the Klarstein company that we will present to you in this guide as well as the entry-level version. It impresses in a positive way first of all for its modern design enriched by soft and elegant lines that make it perfectly adaptable to any environment and with different styles of furniture.

It is available in two colors (white or black) and on the front it also has a large touchscreen LED display thanks to which it is possible to select one of the three available modes with a simple touch. Its purchase is especially recommended to anyone looking for a product without too many frills, simple to use, and with average power. The 3.5-liter tank allows you to contain a lot of the overall weight and makes it easily transportable even when traveling, also suitable for off-site students or for the elderly.

The airflow is not among the most powerful in its price range but still guarantees good results albeit with required times and energy consumption just above average. It can also act as a humidifier while there is no timer and analog remote control.

Klarstein Whirlwind

The Whirlwind model, on the other hand, is placed in the mid-range category not only for list price but also for functionality and power offered to all customers. Compared to the Horizon, the design has been almost completely redesigned, making it even more modern and beautiful to look at. The display has been resized and placed in the central part while the large fan dominates the entire structure at the top.

The engine offers much higher performance and allows to deliver an airflow almost four times higher (1600m³ / h). There are three operating modes: classic, natural, and night. Each of them allows you to adapt the use to your needs or preferences and by activating the automatic oscillation you can enjoy a constant fresh airflow that envelops you in sweet relief, especially in the hottest hours of summer days. The tank also has larger dimensions (5.5 liters) and we also find the timer for automatic switching on and off.

Klarstein Windspiel – Evaporative cooler

We conclude our ranking with the best evaporative coolers talking about the top of the range from Klarstein.

The classic stove design returns while the control panel has been moved to the top so as to make it easily accessible and usable by anyone. Inside there is a powerful 100 Watt motor capable of cooling any environment in a very short time and with very low consumption. There are three operating modes (normal, natural and night) while it is possible to take advantage of eight ventilation speeds for an always constant and optimal temperature.

The automatic timer has a maximum duration of 12 hours, the four wheels placed in the lower part are very fluid and stable thanks to the excellent locking system they are provided with. Inside the package, there is also the new remote control with ergonomic buttons.

FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose an evaporative cooler?
When choosing the best evaporative cooler, it is necessary to take into consideration: airflow and power, tank capacity and autonomy, dimensions – weight and portability, functionality, preset programs, and routine maintenance.

How much does an evaporative cooler cost?
The cost of an evaporative cooler varies according to the capacity and autonomy of the device, as well as obviously its power. The price for portable models starts at around € 50.00. The cost for the models to buy for your home is about € 80.00 / € 120.00 based on the airflow per cubic meter.

What are the best models?
The companies that produce the best models are Argo, Klarstein, Olimpia, OneConcept, and Black & Decker.

Does an evaporative cooler move easily?
Yes, almost all evaporative coolers have a weight of about 9/10 kg and have practical wheels that allow the movement of this device from one room to another without difficulty.

What are the main ways?
The main preset programs are normal mode, fan mode, night mode, and timer function with automatic switch-off.

Conclusions and final considerations

The evaporative cooler, an alternative device to the air conditioner, is much more functional than a classic fan as it is able to lower the temperature inside a small room.

It has several advantages starting from the economic ones up to the possibility of easily transporting it from one part of the house to another to cool another room. Furthermore, it does not use chemicals and gases of any kind to lower the temperature, but simply water or ice, depending on the specific type.

When you proceed with the choice to evaluate the best evaporative cooler or rather the one that best suits your needs, some parameters must be taken into consideration. First of all, it is necessary to size the product according to the environment in which it is to be used by making an approximate calculation on the cubic meters of the room. By virtue of the cubic meters, you will have to choose the power and the airflow.

Once these two elements have been chosen, the others will be consequential, in particular, the capacity of the tank is often related to the power.

The same applies to the autonomy of the product which will be larger by virtue of a more capable tank. For those who want an even more comfortable and technologically advanced cooler, it is necessary to choose models that have some useful features such as self-shutdown, the possibility of using a program suitable for night hours, and much more.

Once all these aspects have been considered, it will be possible to choose and purchase an evaporative cooler suited to your needs and capable of adequately cooling the rooms of your interest.

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