Best Handheld Vacuums 2022: Buying Guide

In this buying guide to the best handheld vacuum cleaners 2022, you will discover all the information, insights, and notions that will help you choose the perfect product for you.

A handheld vacuum cleaner is a tool that is becoming more and more used year after year, for sofas, for your car, and for many other uses. This is because it is a very practical and efficient appliance, easy to handle and simple to use, being able to choose between portable or corded ones, with suction for solids and liquids, or with cyclonic technology.

In short, you can have several functions at your disposal, but to proceed with the purchase of the one that suits your needs, you will have to analyze what will be the use you will make of it, so as to take full advantage of its functionality..

The best handheld vacuum cleaners 2022

These are the best handheld vacuum cleaners of 2022:

  • BLACK + DECKER NVC115JL-QW Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  • URAQT cordless handheld vacuum cleaner
  • VAC POWER portable cordless vacuum cleaner
  • SIMBR Wireless Mini Vac
  • Hoover SM156WD4
  • Laresar Portable Wireless Mini Vac
  • Proscenic S1

BLACK + DECKER NVC115JL-QW Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Black + Decker NVC115JL-QW cordless handheld vacuum cleaner helps in small daily cleaning, has a handy and light design so you can reach even the most difficult points. This model has been equipped with a 3.6V lithium-ion battery that ensures good performance over time without losing power. The wide opening of the suction nozzle allows capturing not only fine dust but also coarse dirt such as pet food, bread crumbs, and muesli. The container for the collection of dirt, large 325 ml, is emptied very quickly by pressing the appropriate button, while the filter can be removed and washed even under running water if necessary, so as to keep the small handheld vacuum cleaner always performing. . The charging time is about 10 hours compared to autonomy that does not exceed 12 minutes.

Also useful is the indicator light that signals when the battery is charging: once the red light goes out, then the mini vacuum cleaner is fully charged and ready to use. Black + Decker NVC115JL-QW, characterized by good value for money, has been made with resistant materials, is easy to use, and is also suitable for cleaning the interior of the car. In the purchase package, there are no accessories supplied, but this does not compromise the overall performance which is still satisfactory.

URAQT cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

URAQT is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning in the home, car, and office, which allows you to remove dust, crumbs, and pet hair. Equipped with a 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery, which offers approximately 30 minutes of continuous operation and requires a recharge of 3 to 5 hours, this model ensures a powerful suction capacity of 4.5 KPa, while being silent. since the noise level does not exceed 78 dB. The HEPA filter made of steel, which manages to capture up to 85% of fine dust, can be easily removed and washed up to 500 times as recommended by the manufacturer itself.

URAQT is also sold together with the brush, the hose with extension, and the flat lance, useful accessories that allow you to treat any surface, including carpets, cushions, seats, carpets, and narrow crevices, for a complete and thorough cleaning of the rooms.

VAC POWER portable cordless vacuum cleaner

The cordless VAC POWER handheld vacuum cleaner offers an autonomy of about 30 minutes with recharges of about 3 hours. This model, with a 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery, boasts a suction power of 6500 pA and features a stainless steel HEPA filter that can be easily removed and washed under running water. VAC POWER allows you to capture fine dust and coarse dirt. Thanks to the integrated LED light it will also be easier to reach dark corners, perform cleaning in the car cabin, and in case of low light.

This handheld vacuum is also sold together with the gap nozzle for reaching narrow gaps, the brush for cleaning carpets, and the specific one for removing pet hair. VAC POWER on the whole guarantees satisfactory performance, especially on small residues that lurk in the PC keyboard, pebbles, and sand that accumulate on the car mats, fluff, and ash.

SIMBR Wireless Mini Vac

The Simba cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, suitable for home, car, and office, is equipped with a 2500mAh lithium-ion battery and achieves a suction power of 7000pA, sufficient value to capture hair, dust, food residues, and pet hair that accumulate and nest on sofas, keyboards, carpets, upholstery, upholstery of all kinds, etc. Battery runtimes do not exceed 30 minutes, while charging takes about 4 hours. Simba’s strong point is also the integrated LED light that allows you to identify dirt in case of low light, such as inside the car and in the most difficult-to-reach corners.

The model, equipped with a HEPA stainless steel filter, very easy to disassemble and wash under running water, is sold with the crevice nozzle, the upholstery brush, and the extension tube. Also included is a practical bag to keep everything always in order and allow a practical transport of the handheld vacuum cleaner even outside the home. This model, not suitable for vacuuming liquids, still manages to guarantee good performance, proving to be very practical to use in various situations.


The Black + Decker NVC115JL-QW cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is suitable for small daily cleaning has a handy design and is equipped with a 7.2 V lithium-ion battery. The suction power of 1.5 Ah allows you to remove not only fine dust and solid residues of dirt but also liquids. The 385 ml container, in fact, has a double filtering system and is easy to clean, as well as to remove and empty by pressing the appropriate button. Black + Decker NVC115JL-QW recharges in 10 hours and guarantees an autonomy of 10 minutes.

It is sold together with the separate crevice nozzle, the brush for upholstery, and the accessory for vacuuming liquids. Also useful is the support at the end of the handle to allow you to hang the mini vacuum cleaner on the wall at the end of use and thus always keep it tidy. This handheld vacuum cleaner proves to be a valid ally not only in the kitchen but also in all those situations where dirt and drops need to be removed, such as on the stove or in areas that do not have a completely smooth and regular surface, therefore difficult to treat with a normal sponge.

Hoover SM156WD4

Hoover SM156WD4 is a handheld vacuum cleaner characterized by an extremely compact and lightweight design, in white and light blue. This model features a 15.6V nickel-metal hydride battery capable of continuous performance for up to 17 minutes, compared to 16-hour recharges. The appliance is also equipped with a washable microfilter and can be used for quick and easy daily cleaning.

Specifically, it allows you to vacuum not only dust, hair, and food residues, but also liquids that accidentally spill on surfaces, on the hob, and in the bathroom. In this regard, it has been equipped with two separate 0.2 l capacity containers, which are very easy to remove and clean. In fact, it is sufficient to release the containers by pressing the appropriate button without having to come into contact with dirt. Hoover SM156WD4, was made with solid and robust materials, is sold without accessories, but this aspect does not compromise the good overall performance and ease of use.

Laresar Portable Wireless Mini Vac

Laresaris a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner equipped with a 170 W high-performance motor, which reaches a suction power of 17000 Pa, higher than that of other models in the same price range. This handheld vacuum is also equipped with a 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery that offers 30 minutes of autonomy and calls for 4-hour recharges. During use it is possible to select the cleaning mode, that is to press the standard 11 Kpa key or the max 17 Kpa key, measures that make the use even more versatile, suitable for specific needs, but above all also very useful for saving the charge the battery and reduce energy consumption accordingly. The external stainless steel filter manages to block large particles,

Regularly cleaning both filters under running water helps extend the efficiency and life of the handheld vacuum cleaner. Another strong point is also the integrated LED light to help identify dirt inside the passenger compartment of the car and in case of low light. Lares, supplied with the Type-C cable for cars, is also sold with the practical charging station which also allows you to keep the handheld vacuum cleaner vertically, thus avoiding cluttering the rooms.


The Black + Decker BHHV520BFP-QW cordless handheld vacuum cleaner stands out for its modern design and satisfactory performance. This model, equipped with an 18V lithium-ion battery, is useful in the home and in the car for vacuuming dust, hair, coarse dirt, food residues, and pet hair from any surface, sofas, seats, cushions, carpets, etc. . Furthermore, the cyclonic technology allows to better separate the dirt from the air and therefore to capture even the finest particles. During use, it will also be possible to select the suction levels based on the type of dirt and consequently to save on battery autonomy, equal to 10/16 minutes and which requires a recharge time of about 10 hours.

Another strong point found during use is the light sensor that warns when the filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned to thus increase the suction power. The large 700 ml large container is easy to clean without coming into contact with dirt, as it is enough to press the appropriate One Touch button. The Black + Decker BHHV520BFP-QW mini vacuum cleaner is sold together with the long crevice nozzle to reach high points, as well as tight corners more difficult to reach, in order to ensure thorough cleaning in any environment.


Black + Decker DVJ325J-QW is a cordless, compact size handheld vacuum cleaner that uses cyclonic technology to ensure good performance and thorough cleaning. The model, in fact, is able to effectively separate dirt from the air, in order to counteract filter obstructions. On the handle there is a button that allows you to adjust the suction intensity, all this for even more versatile and personalized use, as well as to reduce energy consumption and thus lengthen recharging times. The 2.5 Ah lithium-ion battery offers a range of 10 to 16 minutes and requires recharges of approximately 6 hours. In any case, the useful indicator light on the handle will warn you when the battery is running out and you need to recharge it, in order to have the mini vacuum cleaner always ready for use.

Black + Decker DVJ325J-QW is also equipped with a 610 ml large dust collection container, easily removable and washable underwater for deeper cleaning. It is sold together with the extendable crevice nozzle and the folding upholstery brush, accessories suitable for removing dust, fluff, animal hair, hair, food residues, etc. that accumulate in rooms and in cars.

Proscenic S1

Proscenic S1 is a portable and cordless handheld vacuum cleaner that stands out for its modern, compact, and lightweight design. Suitable for household, office, and car cleaning, this appliance is equipped with an 84000 PRM motor, capable of reaching a suction power of up to 12000 Pa. Proscenic S1 is also equipped with an ion battery 220 mAH lithium, recharges quickly in 90 minutes, and offers an autonomy of 30 minutes. In this regard, a light indicator indicates the residual status of the recharge and when the vacuum cleaner is ready to start. The HEPA H12 filter, which captures 99.99% of fine particles, without loss of power and expelling fresh air, can be washed under running water and guarantees a deep cleaning of the rooms.

Proscenic S1 is sold with the Type-C cable for the car and with the charging station that allows you to keep the vacuum cleaner vertically at the end of use, thus avoiding cluttering the spaces. Inside the purchase package, there is also the brush to capture coarse dirt, the one for the upholstery, and the round 2 in 1 nozzle to get along the tight corners and the most difficult-to-reach crevices.

What it is and what it is for

First of all, as the name suggests, the handheld vacuum cleaner is a small vacuum cleaner, generally portable, to collect dust, crumbs, hair, dander, and sometimes liquids. In fact, depending on the features available, there are models that allow not only solids, but also liquids to be sucked, washing the affected surface, but we will see this later.

This product is often used as an alternative to the usual electric brooms or vacuum cleaners, too bulky and heavy to reach higher surfaces. In fact, the handheld vacuum cleaner, having very small dimensions and weight, favors vacuuming in areas that are difficult to reach with other appliances, such as shelves, tables, desks, cars, furniture. Furthermore, without running the risk of damaging fine or delicate fabrics, you can also use the mini vacuum cleaner in the kitchen or vacuum up food residues from your sofa, perhaps after watching a good movie!

Thanks to the application of additional or supplied accessories, you can optimize your cleaning experience, making the product even more practical and versatile, allowing you to reach even the most hidden places without any difficulty. Depending on the power and available functions, more or less thorough cleaning can be carried out, just select the right model!

The operation is similar to that of a cordless electric broom, as there is the presence of a small motor and a turbine that are responsible for generating sufficient power to suck up the dirt, channeling it into easy-to-clean collection containers. There is no longer the presence of bags difficult to replace, but of practical removable baskets.

How does it work

As for the actual operation, depending on the model you select, you can take advantage of different suction technologies. There are standard models for cars, for tables, for domestic cleaning, which are limited to vacuuming residual dirt such as crumbs and dust and others that also have a wet & dry function, useful for eliminating liquids and dirt, carrying out a complete cleaning of the surface.

However, the basic operating mechanism is very simple. The suction of air produced by the motor and the turbine of the handheld vacuum cleaner will allow the product to suck up any type of solid dirt. Depending on the model, with or without wire, components such as the turbine and motor will be activated respectively by the electricity robbing the socket or the battery.

Once the crumbs have been sucked up in a simple and fast way, the dirt will be channeled into the special basket, first passing through the nozzle and the installed filter. Sometimes it is possible to adopt different types of spouts and accessories useful to optimize performance in any area, sucking deeper and more efficiently.

Generally then, during operation, clean air will always be introduced, so as to sanitize the environment. The latest models are equipped with various filters, including the HEPA one, which is particularly effective and capable of retaining up to 99% of particles.

As for the operating mechanism of the wet & dry handheld vacuum cleaners, it is the same, what changes is the presence of a double tank, one for the suction of liquids and the other for solids. Consequently, these are larger models, but still practical and light, ideal for bathrooms or kitchens.

How to choose the best handheld vacuum cleaner

How do you choose the best handheld vacuum cleaner?
The following are a series of tips and insights that will help you choose which handheld vacuum to buy.

Design, dimensions, and ergonomics

To buy the right product for your needs, be sure to carefully evaluate features such as the weight, size, and ergonomics of the product. As for most of the best handheld vacuum cleaners, the design and structure are optimized for a better, deep, and efficient suction experience, to be further improved with the integration of special accessories and nozzles.

Not surprisingly, they develop mainly in length and sometimes have thin spouts and are wide enough to be able to reach even the narrowest corners. Just think about it when trying to vacuum the crumbs on the seats or on the sofa at home. However, the dimensions are always very small, even in the case of wet & dry models, despite the presence of two tanks instead of just one like the standard models.

Another factor to consider is the weight, which must not be excessive, otherwise, you could take the manageability of the product and make it more difficult when you need longer aspirations. In general, a greater weight also corresponds to more power or perhaps to the greater capacity of the tanks. Depending on the use that will be made, it is good to take into consideration the relationship of weight, power, and capacity of the tank.

The handheld vacuum cleaner has been designed to replace electric brooms, which are decidedly less practical and versatile, so you have to pay close attention to the ergonomics of the product, which affects the handling of the appliance. The handle, in the best models, is non-slip, so as to ensure greater adherence during use and is located near the ignition controls.

Suction and motor power

There is a wide range of aspirabriciole on the market, whose power is around an average of between 10 and 20 V. The more powerful and performing ones generally go even beyond 70 V, but you can also find some cheaper models that reach just 4-5 V. However, it is advisable not to dwell too much only on the power of the engine or turbine but look at the ‘handheld vacuum cleaner overall by evaluating all the rest of the features.

In fact, the more powerful it is, the more you will spend, even if the price varies slightly. But it doesn’t make sense to spend more on a feature that you won’t be using in the future. High power, although one of the fundamental requirements, does not ensure that the product is suitable for your needs. Maybe a less powerful but more versatile and practical one can be more useful.

The characteristics of the engine are then different from model to model, starting from the standard ones, Wet & Dry up to those with cyclonic aspiration. The technological innovations from this point of view are so many, let’s see what the differences are.

First of all, cyclonic handheld vacuum cleaners have an operating mechanism that allows satisfactory cleaning to be carried out, thanks to the vortex technology, which takes the name of cyclonic. This technology separates the dirt from the air, carrying out a kind of prefiltration before reaching the main filter. This ensures much better cleaning. The most modern models do not require a lot of energy, despite the fact that they perform powerful and deep cleaning.

The same thing goes for wet & dry ones. This would seem surprising, but as very advanced technologies have been designed to save time, effort but above all energy. The energy savings, compared to the basic models are evident, and will quickly turn into economic savings over time.

Autonomy and charge mode

The handheld vacuum cleaners on the market are divided into two main categories, namely, those with battery and therefore rechargeable, and those with the wire, which must be connected to the power outlet.

Without a doubt, we can say that the latter has higher power than the former, but clearly, the disadvantage is that of the limited range of movement that the product grants. The wire can be disabling not only when the surface to be cleaned is far from an outlet, but also when you carry out long aspirations for the whole house, having to unplug and reattach the plug every time.

The battery-powered ones are in fact much more versatile since they can be transported anywhere, just make sure that the device is charged before the activity to be carried out. In general, the best models also grant long performances, ranging from 20 to 30 minutes. The top of the range ensures consistently excellent performance even for over 30 minutes, but we are talking about truly professional models. The autonomy is therefore suitable for both small and large domestic cleaning. The charging time can then vary from 3-4 hours up to 10.

In addition to the models that can be powered by a common socket, we also find those for cars, easily rechargeable via the cigarette lighter socket, so as to clean the car without ever running out of battery, as autonomy will be unlimited.

The duration then varies according to the type of battery, the surface to be cleaned, but also the power. In fact, very powerful models, used at low intensity certainly consume less than the less powerful ones (with the same intensity). As for batteries, lithium-ion batteries are undoubtedly the most durable, light and recharge very quickly.

Accessories included in delivery

Another detail to pay attention to is also the presence of accessories useful to optimize the performance of the device in multiple circumstances. The accessories supplied are usually different types of brushes and nozzles, so as to adapt the mini vacuum cleaner to multiple surfaces, such as tablecloths, car seats, shelves, and much more. In addition, having more vents will allow you to reach even the most difficult points.

Among the most popular accessories, there are undoubted: the flat lance suction nozzle, perfect for any surface; elongated spout ideal for small car cleaning and reaching even the most insidious corners; rubber spout for suction of liquids for wet & dry models; rotating brush particularly suitable for carpets and fabrics of all kinds; HEPA filters and finally also a wall bracket could be very convenient for vertical recharging of the device, saving space.

In addition, it is good to always get spare parts that are clean and ready to use, so that in the event of a breakdown, you can immediately resume your cleaning, replacing the damaged components. Fortunately, they are easy to find and relatively low in price.

Maintenance operations

Carrying out the correct maintenance of the device is useful not only to always ensure performance at maximum potential but above all to make it last as long as possible. In the event that periodic cleaning is not carried out, it is possible to encounter malfunctions, problems, and breakdowns.

The maintenance of handheld vacuum cleaners does not require great skills in the field, it will only be necessary to be delicate, especially as regards the cleaning of the most technological and avant-garde ones. Fortunately for you, it won’t be difficult to clean the device, as they are very easy to handle and wash.

First of all, it is good to empty the removable basket every time you finish vacuuming, so as not to accumulate dust, crumbs, and dirt. It is also advisable to choose models in which all that is sucked is clearly visible, so as to proceed with emptying at the appropriate time.

Also keeping the air filters present always clean is a good habit that allows you to always filter what is sucked in at best, also contributing to the sanitation of the entire home environment. Before washing it, however, make sure it is washable, otherwise, you will get the opposite effect.

In short, if you periodically carry out careful maintenance you can save money from an economic point of view and above all, it will allow your handheld vacuum cleaner to last for a long time and always offer maximum performance.

FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose the best handheld vacuum cleaner?
To choose the best handheld vacuum cleaner, a series of precautions must be taken into consideration such as design, dimensions and ergonomics, suction power and type of motor, autonomy and charging methods, accessories included in the scope of supply, and ease of maintenance operations.

How much does a hand vacuum cleaner cost?
The cost of a handheld vacuum cleaner starts from € 30.00 and can go up to € 100.00 for the best-performing models on the market. Choosing the right model varies according to your needs. The power of the engine, the capacity of the container, and the autonomy of the product vary the price considerably.

What are the best brands of handheld vacuum cleaners?
These are the companies that produce the best handheld vacuum cleaners: Black & Decker, Shark, Bosch, and Proscenic. However, these companies also produce good yet cheap products: Laresar, Opolar, Tackle, Iraq, Dolly, Armory, Vacpower, and Audew.

Conclusions and final considerations
In this guide, we have tried to describe in detail every detail that needs to be considered when purchasing the best handheld vacuum cleaner. Once you have identified the main characteristics such as suction power, autonomy and charging times, presence or absence of HEPA filters, dimensions, ergonomics, and accessories, you can proceed with the safe purchase on one of the most reliable e-commerce, Amazon.

We recommend that you take advantage of the offers and advantageous prices to be able to save and buy a high-quality model that suits your needs.

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