Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022: Buying Guide

Are you looking for a robot vacuum cleaner? This is the buying guide where you will find the main information to choose the best robot vacuum cleaners in 2022.

Today, having the right cleaning accessories is important above all because there is no material time to do them accurately. By purchasing the right appliances, even better if they are smart, everything becomes much simpler.

The number of families who have chosen to buy a new robot vacuum cleaner, which is universally considered a useful and indispensable accessory in the home, is growing every day.

What are they and what are they for?

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022

The robot vacuum cleaners are excellent appliances that allow you to clean with the care, precision, and accuracy of your home.

They are different from traditional vacuum cleaners because, as the same name implies, they have equipped with a new and sophisticated smart technology thanks to which they can carry out cleaning completely autonomously.

The summary formula used to define robot vacuum cleaners is that they are appliances that clean every room for you and, indeed, it is an accurate definition.

There are many models on the market and each one is designed for a particular purpose or surface. Some can be programmed for a certain time and others, on the other hand, can be operated remotely with a remote control or with an app to download directly to the smartphone.

Once activated, the robot vacuum cleaners clean the entire surface of the house or if you prefer only a part, collecting all the dirt and residues inside the tank.

They run on battery and are usually made of high-quality materials that allow them to last over time.

Comparative table of the best robot vacuum cleaners

Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner is not easy: this comparison table will help you identify at a glance the perfect device for your individual needs.


How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner


Choosing the right robot vacuum cleaner model is not easy but there are some features that are important to pay attention to:

  • Design and materials;
  • Battery;
  • Tank and automatic emptying;
  • Smart functionality;
  • Floors and unevenness.


Design and materials

When looking at robot vacuum cleaner models, the first thing you notice is that there are models with different designs and shapes.

But is there a real difference or is it just a design factor?

The right answer is the first. In fact, particular characteristics of the appliance correspond to each shape. The robot vacuum cleaners with a rounded design are agile in their movements and perfect for cleaning any environment, the rotating brushes placed under their body are designed to come out of the profile of the vacuum cleaner to collect and drag the dirt up to the suction duct covering a larger surface than that of the robot itself, thus ensuring deep and repeated cleaning in the same points.

Those with a square shape, on the other hand, are excellent for easily reaching the corners of the surfaces to be cleaned, especially if they are used in homes with a rather regular plan. Their right-angled shape allows the robot to skirt the walls of the rooms from side to side and to fit perfectly into the corners, which is more difficult for robots of other shapes.

It is clear that in this case, the choice of the best robot vacuum cleaner depends on the structure of your home.

In a dwelling with open spaces and unique environments, choosing a robot model with a more rounded design seems to be the best solution. But if, on the contrary, the house has many small-medium sized rooms, the square one could be more useful.

Another feature, always relevant to the design, is its height. A tall robot, in fact, could encounter greater obstacles in homes with a lot of furniture and furnishings. Conversely, a low model tends to be more efficient because it does not get stuck under beds or furniture in general.

The second important point from which the aesthetics and quality of the robot vacuum cleaner derive is the material. Better to prefer those with more expensive and higher quality raw materials, especially in terms of product longevity; this is because a poor quality material tends to last much less.

Battery and autonomy

Robot vacuums have a built-in battery. Usually, the instruction booklet, or the parent company itself, indicates what is the autonomy of the battery.

This detail is particularly important for those who are thinking about buying a robot vacuum cleaner. The greater the autonomy of the device and obviously the greater the area it can cover with a single session.

To date, a very important feature is the memory function of the clean path: if the device were to discharge during the cleaning phase without having completed the preset operation, it will be able to return to the charging base and resume its own operation. where it left off.

Precisely for this reason, since they are totally automatic devices, autonomy on the products we recommend is never a problem.

Tank and automatic emptying

The tank of the robot vacuum cleaner is the container in which elements of dirt found on surfaces are collected. Before choosing a model it is important to evaluate its capacity because the autonomy of the appliance depends on it.

Generally, the lowest-priced robots have a tank with a capacity of 250ml. The best ones, on the other hand, go up to 500 ml but not beyond considering that the robot is still small in size.

A much-requested feature, and present on devices from 2022 onwards, is the automatic emptying base. This is an accessory that sucks up all the dirt from the dust container onto a bag. The advantages are many: you no longer have to touch the dust (excellent for allergic people), the time is taken for the maintenance of the robot decreases and malfunctions are avoided.

Smart functionality

The best robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with AI systems, that is Artificial Intelligence in English, which facilitate the self-learning of the machine.

In some models, especially those that are in a high price range, smart functions are added that improve the accuracy of the robot’s performance and its ability to interact with other devices such as smartphones and so on.

The main smart functions are:

  • Programming, which allows you to set house cleaning at any time via the app;
  • Compatibility with Google Assistant or Alexa, thanks to which it is possible to use robots with voice commands;
  • The mapping of the environment, which allows the appliance to incorporate the structure of the house and, therefore, avoid any obstacles thanks to the integrated camera;
  • Anti-tipping sensors, with which robots can recognize unevenness in the house and avoid them without problems;
  • Surface recognition sensors, with which the robot vacuum cleaners are able to understand what type of floor they are on (parquet, marble, or carpet) and then set a specific cleaning program.

Floors and unevenness

The parquet or the marble floor is very delicate, so they need robots with delicate brushes designed to clean these surfaces. If you do not take this precaution, in fact, the risk is to ruin the floors and get, in any case, a bad cleaning.

Height differences are also important when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner.

In a house articulated on several floors and, therefore, with several flights of stairs, it is better to buy a model that has an anti-rollover sensor and a function that allows the robot to stop if it perceives that it is facing a void, in case it is used. on the upper floors. The economic models make up for this lack with magnetic tape that can be affixed near stairs or rooms to keep out of its reach.

The top-of-the-range models have the ability to store and map different levels of the house: this is useful for cleaning on different floors, using the same product, having the foresight to move it from one floor to another. Another great advantage is that of being able to carry out a zone cleaning: everything is done via the smartphone app.

Ranking of the best-selling models

Best robot vacuum cleaners

This is the list of the best robot vacuum cleaners of 2022 :

  • IKOHS Netbot S15 robot vacuum cleaner
  • ECOVACS Robotics DEEBOT 605
  • iRobot Roomba 605
  • Proscenic 830T robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner
  • Proscenic 850T
  • iRobot Roomba 671
  • Xiaomi Robot SDJQR02RR
  • Xiaomi 25012 Robot Aspira and Lava
  • ECOVACS Robotics DEEBOT OZMO 950
  • iRobot Roomba i7 + (i7556)
  • and many other best robot vacuum cleaners

Read on to discover individual product reviews, as well as lots of useful information about the company, the advantages, and the disadvantages of the models voted best.

Once you have identified the main features you have been able to discover from our buying guide, it is time to focus exclusively on the best robot vacuum cleaners.

To make it easier for you to view and choose the perfect model, we have divided the products by price range, so you can instantly identify the device that might be right for you.

Low-end robot vacuum cleaner (under € 200)

These are the best low-end robot vacuum cleaners with a price that does not exceed € 200.00.


IKOHS Netbot S15

Among the main models of robot vacuum cleaners, one cannot, first of all, forget about everything concerning the IKOHS Netbot S15, a two-in-one vacuum cleaner: in addition to the suction function, we also find that of floor scrubber. It is a great robot for both carpets as well as collecting and vacuuming pet hair.

It can integrate with Alexa, as well as with the Smart House concept. It does not scratch the floor and also includes the smart navigation function. This robot knows not only where it is, but also where it needs to be cleaned and what else is left for it to do. In addition, the model has been integrated with a sensor to perform the intelligent protection function.

These are a few intelligent robots equipped with a turbine and also capable of cleaning directly under furniture, as well as detecting various obstacles. Its advantages include not only silent operation but also the fact that the robot passes several times over the same point on the surface.


The Ecovacs Deebot 605 model is a 2-in-1 type: it includes a 0.3 l tank and can work in both vacuum and scrubbing mode. In addition to taking care of all the traditional dirt, this model is among the few that can clean the most stubborn stains.

In this case, however, we are dealing with a model designed primarily for all tiled and wooden floors. To all this are added the other advantages of this model: the zig-zag path, the systematic cleaning of the same point and so on.

iRobot Roomba 605

Another noteworthy robot vacuum cleaner stands out the iRobot Roomba 605, which more than being a simple vacuum cleaner is a cleaning system capable of operating at very high performance. In addition to being well suited to various floors, it is also perfect for carpets.

The operating autonomy is quite high (even 1 hour) and the operation is also very simple: just press the Clean button. Cleaning takes place in 3 stages and the vacuum cleaner is able to remove both the smallest crumbs and even the largest dirt residues. Furthermore, it is the only robot equipped with two brushes: to lift the dirt and then collect it.

As if all this were not enough, the model also includes several smart sensors useful for cleaning around furniture. Furthermore, Roomba is a real guarantee: a brand with enormous experience in cleaning!

Robot vacuum cleaner Mini Levant-M201

It is a model with extremely small dimensions – 28x28x8 cm – and the consequent low weight – only 2.7 kg – designed for medium and small rooms, but above all for small spaces such as those that are created between the bed or the sofa and the wall.

One of its strengths is the FreeMove 2.0 technology that allows it to detect the space around itself at 360 ° and to recognize any movements that could interfere with its work. The effective digital motor with low energy consumption has very small dimensions and offers powerful suction up to 1500 Pa. Moreover, thanks to the presence of the suction mouth and, therefore, the absence of brushes, it is possible to avoid those unsanitary tangles of hair and animal hair that usually form around the brushes themselves, requiring continuous maintenance and reducing the performance of the vacuum cleaner.

The dust container can hold up to 500 ml, this allows you not to empty it too frequently and, as far as autonomy is concerned, 4-5 hours of charging are enough to guarantee a cleaning that touches the 90 consecutive minutes. In this regard, it is equipped with a small-sized 1800 mAh lithium iron phosphate battery that can be recharged about 500 times and that allows the robot, if it is discharged while it is in operation, to stop sucking but to continue walking. until it reaches its charging station.

Its confirmation and the fact that it is brushless allow it to clean effectively on any type of floor, from parquet to ceramic, from marble to laminate, while the possibility of connecting it via Bluetooth to the application designed for iOS and Android smartphones makes it extremely modern and versatile as it can be adapted to the needs of those who use it who can also remotely set the cleaning modes by programming them in advance.

IKOHS Netbot S12

Earlier we talked about the IKOHS model, but the S12 version is also worthy of a lot of attention. This is because also in this case it is a very complete vacuum cleaner equipped with everything necessary to perform deep and extremely effective cleaning. In this case, you will have to deal with a robot vacuum cleaner always 4 in 1, able to meet even those of your needs that at first glance seem the most complex and particular.

Precisely this makes the model in question perfect for a large variety of different environments and people. The price range is not high at all and at the same time the possibilities are many. You can opt for this model if you want to save some money, at the expense of compatibility with Alexa and other voice assistants.

iLIFE V5s Pro

This robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber is the most purchased of the low-end, or under the € 200.00 price.

Especially recommended for those who own pets, this robot has numerous features that are typically found in more expensive models. Among the main features, we find four cleaning modes, the “Mobile Protect” mode, the automatic return to the dock for charging, the presence of numerous sensors to overcome obstacles and avoid stairs. Overall it is a small but effective product.

With over 850 customer reviews and 750 answered questions, the iLIFE V5s PRO is the best of the low-end, both for its many features and for vacuuming and scrubbing floors.

Aries 2718 Mclean

This robot vacuum cleaner made by the well-known company Ariete is famous for its low noise (below 65 dB) and for the dual functionality of vacuuming and washing floors.

The device offers the user over six modes for cleaning the house, ad hoc programming, a series of sensors that avoid furniture and stairs, an autonomy time of over 1.5h, and the automatic return mode to the station. recharges when the battery is running low.

Excellent to use for cleaning carpets thanks to the double level of filtration which involves the use of a primary filter and a HEPA filter. It is a highly sold product on Amazon that is often put on a flash offer.

Rowenta RR6943 Smart Force

This robot with automatic vacuum technology is equipped with a motorized active brush capable of thoroughly cleaning any surface.

It has three cleaning modes and the option to purchase the model equipped with the scrubber function but at a higher price. Navigation is safe thanks to the presence of bumpers, fall arrest sensors, and infrared sensors that recognize the presence and type of obstacle.

Robot vacuum cleaner Mid-range (between € 250 and € 450)

The mid-range robot vacuum cleaners have a price between € 250.00 and € 450.00. Some of these models boast the scrubbing function and offer smart and “intelligent” functions such as control with voice assistants.

Proscenic 850T Robot Vacuum Cleaner Floor Cleaner

Equipped with a suction power of 3000 Pa, this specific model of Proscenic 850T can be adjusted according to three different suction levels – Silent, Standard and Max – and washing – Low, Medium and High – to adapt it to any need cleaning.

The NAS 2.0 intelligent cleaning system it is equipped with allows it to effectively map the area to be treated so as not to leave uncovered spaces and provides for the selection of different cleaning programs, while the ProscenicHome application for iOS and Android allows control. the functionality even remotely. The vacuum cleaner function includes a 500 ml large dust container, while, when it is also used in the floor cleaning function, there is a 2 in 1 container, one to hold up to 300 ml of dust, and a 300 ml water tank.

Thanks to Smart Detection, the two drive wheels with which it is equipped are able to climb up to a height difference of up to 15 mm, useful in the presence of thin carpets in front of which the robot will not stop, but, on the contrary, it will cross them also cleaning they. When the battery is empty it automatically returns to its base to recharge – about 5 hours of charging for 2 hours of autonomy, truly remarkable -, it is equipped with anti-fall and anti-collision sensors and the purchase package includes a magnetic tape to be fixed, at the occurrence, close to particular points of the house where you do not want the robot to have access.

Proscenic 830T Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Proscenic 830T robot vacuum cleaner/scrubber houses a fantastic electric water tank and can be controlled with the remote control to clean the house of pet hair, hair or dust. It can easily interact with Alexa and various smart house systems.

The application of this vacuum cleaner can connect to any iOS or Android smartphone. In this way, you can decide the cleaning times, regulate the water flow, monitor the route, and so on. The NAS intelligent cleaning system does nothing but help you do all the tasks in the best way. The suction power is also extremely high: in addition to collecting animal hair, it also acts on the smallest dust and debris.

Proscenic M7 PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The real gem of the Proscenic house, with a diameter of 34.7 cm and a height of 9.7 cm, the M7 Pro can clean an area of ​​about 200 square meters with a single charge. Through a Laser Radar Navigation Technology, it detects up to 98% of obstacles to map the space to be treated efficiently and logically, also applying more complex cleaning functions that can be planned through the ProscenicHome application which also allows you to monitor the path of cleaning, adjust the speed of the water flow and select the cleaning times that best suit your needs.

Three different cleaning modes can be selected – vacuum cleaner only, floor cleaner only, and suction and washing at the same time – and the robot is able to overcome a difference in height equal to 20 mm, as can be that of a carpet on which it will apply maximum power and then return, once crossed, to the previous suction mode.

The battery has a capacity of 5200 mAh, a feature that allows it to reach about 200 minutes of autonomy, while the suction power reaches 2700 Pa and the dust container has a capacity of 600 ml. One of the most particular novelties is represented by the cylindrical dust collector in which the robot automatically empties its contents inside a disposable bag without having to manually empty everything by getting your hands dirty.

iRobot Roomba 671

The Robot Vacuum Cleaners made by the iRobot company are of high quality. The leading industry in the robot sector was the first to revolutionize the cleaning sector, making it actually simpler and above all more accessible. In fact, we recall that it was iRobot that presented the first robot vacuum cleaner ever when all competitors were still marketing traditional corded vacuum cleaners.

As featured in our full review, this precise model is the # 1 best-selling Amazon in its class. The reasons are simple: it has cutting-edge features equal to much more expensive models, all at a more than affordable price.

The most appreciated feature is undoubtedly the full control of the product with the voice thanks to Amazon Alexa. The product is “Works with Alexa” certified and works with all selected Alexa devices.

Users who own the product are totally satisfied with the iRobot Home app, which allows them to program various cleaning phases, in certain rooms and according to programmable rules.

Obviously the cleaning system is impeccable, almost the best in the square: the Roomba models are the only ones equipped with two cleaning brushes that simultaneously lift the dirt and collect it.

Relying on iRobot means buying a product made by the best company in the industry. The super product is also recommended for families with pets.

iRobot Roomba 971 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With over thirty years of experience in the field of robotic innovation, iRobot represents an absolute guarantee in the field of household appliances. Specifically, his Roomba 971 has a suction power 5 times higher than the previous models of the same brand and uses a cleaning system that includes two double-thick rubber brushes that trap dirt inside a 600 ml tank. of any type of surface, adapting and flexing according to the material they encounter and the floor they work on, while an edge-cleaning brush that reaches even the often inaccessible corners.

Thanks to the Islam Navigation System, the Roomba 971 uses optical sensors to map every point in the room – exactly 230,000 pieces of information per second – even when it is on the move and cleans following optimized routes. If the lithium-ion battery – which has an autonomy of about 75 minutes – discharges while it is in operation, it returns by itself to its charging base and, once completed, returns to the point where it was interrupted and starts again. to clean.

Not only that, because special Dirt Detect sensors are able to identify the dirtiest points on which to insist with cleaning, while the heads with which they work are able to adapt to a slight difference in level so as to be able to work even on carpets or on different floors. thickness. As it is easy to guess, it can be easily controlled via the iRobot Home application or with the voice commands that can be given via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Xiaomi Robot SDJQR02RR

The SDJQR02RR robot vacuum cleaner made by Xiaomi has had an incredible success: the strategy of marketing high-end products, but at a truly competitive price, is the real strength of the Chinese company.

In addition to having a super-powerful suction system, equal to that of the top-end models, this device is equipped with a series of smart features that make it a best-buy product.

It boasts LDS functionality, a combination of sensors that work to scan the surrounding environment at 360 ° to provide real-time mapping of the entire home. All this data is shared on the official application and allows the user to schedule cleaning in specific rooms at certain times.

The other main features of the device are smart route planning, LDS functionality, three-dimensional cleaning system, voice commands and management via application, customized setting of the area to be cleaned, battery autonomy of over 2.5h which guarantees a cleaning of a home. of 250 square meters with a single charge and much more.

Xiaomi Roborock S5 suction robot

Among the best robot vacuum cleaners, the Xiaomi model, the Roborock S5, also stands out. The latter is completely white in color: it has a police function, LDS sensors, App control, a dust collector, and a sweeper. The presence of all these components makes the Roborock S5 model among the most suitable for those who need to carry out a complete and deep cleaning. It is also very safe, as it includes the anti-collision detection option useful to protect not only the device itself but also the furnishings.

The cleaning performed by this model is also aided by the presence of a 3-axis gyroscope accelerator useful to further improve the various movements of the device. As for connectivity, however, this device can easily be connected to a Wi-Fi network or to a smartphone.

Xiaomi 25012 Robot Aspira and Lava

It is one of the latest models launched on the market by Xiaomi and is already very popular, both for the small size that reaches only 8.2 cm in height and for the high-speed Visual Navigation system it is equipped with.

In practice, it is able to quickly and very accurately map the space in which it must operate thanks to the presence of as many as 15 infrared sensors that also detect the presence of obstacles to be circumvented to avoid falling or bumping into it or movements that could hamper the work of the robot. As soon as the battery charge – which has an autonomy of 113 minutes – drops below 15%, it stops and returns to the charging station to feed itself at least up to 80% and then returns exactly to the point where it stopped and finish his work.

In addition to vacuuming, this Xiaomi robot is also able to wash floors through mops – wipes – which are wetted by the water contained in a tank with a capacity of 200 ml, while the dust and solid dirt drawer is 600 ml wide. . The washing water is electronically controlled to ensure uniform wetness, while the HEPA filter available can be conveniently washed to maintain its effectiveness for a long time and, through the Mi Home smartphone application, the functions of the robot can be managed comfortably from the sofa or by programming them for when you are away from home.


Finally, the Deebot 715 stands out, a robot vacuum cleaner equipped with the optimal Navi 2.0 displacement technology to further increase cleaning effectiveness. A nice camera has been mounted on the device that works in conjunction with the graphics algorithm SLAM. Thanks to the same, the Deebot can easily find its way around the house avoiding furniture or various obstacles. Thanks to the various accessories located on the Deebot, the latter cannot just forget to clean even those areas that are difficult to access.

It is also a robot capable of vacuuming the dust and washing. Its operation, therefore, is 2 in 1. Cleaning is extremely effective on both hard and soft floors. It also works great on carpets. Furthermore, by pressing a single button it can switch from the washing function to the suction function or vice versa. All cleaning operations are completed in an extremely simple way, without any effort.

High-end robot vacuum cleaner (over € 450)

This is the list of premium and most expensive products, with a price starting from 450.00 €. High-end robot vacuum cleaners offer flawless smart features, such as total device control with apps and voice assistants (Alexa). The suction and cleaning systems are excellent.


Also in this case we are faced with a real jewel of technology and efficiency, in fact, this model of the robot to clean the floors of Ecovacs is not only able to map the area where it will work, but can memorize the surfaces of different floors in order to clean faster and more efficiently without the need to set it every time you want to use it.

The mapping takes place via Smart Navi 3.0 Navigation which scans the various rooms of the house and brings a map back to the smartphone so as to be able to independently determine which areas to clean and at what times. In scrubbing mode, when it detects the carpets, it avoids them by continuing to wash the rest of the floor, while when it is in vacuum cleaner mode and meets one it manages to climb any height difference present and increases the suction power up to 150% more to clean it thoroughly.

The lithium-ion battery has a power of 5200 mAh, recharges in 5 hours, and has a working autonomy of about 200 minutes so that you can clean large areas without worrying about recharging and the extreme silence that characterizes it – equal at 66 dB – allows him to work even if there are people around him who are working or resting. The only flaw could be represented by the small size of the tanks compared to the average: 450 ml that of the powder and 240 ml that of the water.

Ecovacs T8 AIVI

This specific model of Ecovacs is equipped with a mapping system that turns out to be four times more precise than other models and a navigation system with a laser sensor makes cleaning faster and more accurate. The lithium-ion battery is 5200 mAh, has a charging time of 6.5 hours, and with a single charge – which lasts up to three hours – can cover 300 square meters of surface. The dust container has a capacity of 420ml, while the water tank reaches 240ml.

The path followed by the robot during operation can be followed directly in HD live video stream to monitor its performance and work progress live, while the multi-story mapping allows it to memorize the surfaces of the various floors of the house so as to indicate it, through the application, where to clean, if thoroughly or daily and whether to exclude some areas by setting virtual barriers.

That it is not a simple vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner is understood very well also by the fact that it is equipped with a washing plate that emits high-frequency vibrations to remove the most difficult stains. Its filter consists of three layers capable of retaining up to 99% of harmful substances and is compatible with common smart home devices for immediate and more efficient voice control.

Neato Robotics D7 Connected.

The Neato Robotics D7 is much more than a simple robot vacuum cleaner: it is a real ally against dirt and dust. High-end products like this facilitate the cleaning of environments, even the largest and most “complex” ones in furnishing.

This model is designed to aspire to the maximum and with minimal noise: the smart features make it intelligent to the point of controlling it exclusively with the use of the voice.

It cleans by zone, maps several floors, makes virtual demarcation lines and the battery is very large as well as being able to recharge with “supercharging”.

iRobot Roomba 960

The iRobot Roomba 960 is a device that excels in both suction performance and smart technologies.

Labeled as “Works with Alexa”, this robot vacuum cleaner is 100% compatible with Amazon’s voice assistant; starting the cleaning and scheduling vacuuming in various areas of the house is a real child’s play.

The AeroForce three-phase cleaning system is patented and, as stated by the parent company, is able to clean the house with a power ten times higher than that of its competitors.

The iAdapt2 Visual Localization navigation system maps furniture and other furnishing elements with the aim of impeccably cleaning every corner of the house.

iRobot Roomba 981

This robot vacuum cleaner was created to solve some of the problems found in the previous model (960).

It has the same features and functionality as the 960 but brings a number of improvements that truly make it a best-buy in its class.

iRobot Roomba i7156

The first interesting novelty of this modern iRobot robot is that it can be connected directly to Amazon Echo devices to receive commands immediately with a simple nod of the voice: for example, if something that needs accidentally falls under the table or near the sofa to be aspirated, just order the voice assistant to call the iRobot robot for help to see it arrive and do its job perfectly.

The lithium-ion battery has an autonomy of 75 minutes and recharges in just 80 minutes, while the dust container has a capacity of 400 ml. After having him carry out a mapping of the entire house, thanks to the iRobot Home application, he can memorize the names of the individual rooms to perform, in the future, cleaning only in those that will be indicated. It cleans following logical paths that prevent it from leaving uncovered spots and if the battery runs out while it is still working it goes back to the base to recharge and then finishes its cleaning program.

The cleaning head automatically adapts to the presence of any unevenness in order to be able to effectively clean carpets and harder surfaces thanks also to the double multi-surface rubber brushes that lift and suck up dirt, managing to capture up to 99% of mites of dust, mold, pollen, and allergens from dogs and cats.

iRobot Roomba i7 + (i7556)

Even this last model arrived in the house iRobot manages to map all the surfaces of the house by recognizing the rooms to be used, if necessary, in a specific room and not in another. The capacity of the dust container is 400 ml, the 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery has an autonomy of 75 minutes and recharging times are around 90 minutes, while the suction power is equal to 1700 Pa.

It keeps in mind the house cleaning habits to offer personalized and targeted suggestions for maintaining a good state of health of its inhabitants by offering extra cleaning during the changes of season – especially in spring with the proliferation of pollen – or when pets shed too much hair.

Also, this model can be connected to Amazon’s Echo to receive fast and detailed voice commands and its double multi-surface rubber brushes lift and hold much more dirt than average thanks also to a suction power ten times stronger than that. present in the 600 Series of the same brand. Once it has finished its cleaning process, it returns to its base and empties the dirt collected inside a container in a completely automatic way.

roborock S6 MaxV

It is a technologically advanced and, at the same time, very intuitive model equipped with the patented ReactiveAl technology which, thanks to the presence of two twin cameras, allows it to avoid obstacles that were not present in the mapping phase.

It is able to recognize the surface of four different floors within which it is possible to select ten areas with no access, no washing, or invisible barriers. Furthermore, once all the rooms have been mapped, it is possible to select the cleaning preferences and program the suction times most suited to your needs, while its extreme silence makes it usable both while working at home and during the night.

The suction power is equal to 2500 Pa, which is 25% higher than the standard and this offers a considerable advantage especially if, during the cleaning phase, the robot also has to work on rugs or carpets. The extra-large battery has a power of 5200 mAh and autonomy of 3 hours with which it can cover 240 square meters, while the effective HEPA filter supplied is able to retain up to 95% of it. harmful substances present inside the home. Also, this robot is equipped with a dedicated application useful for setting programs and other functions, as well as working through the use of common voice assistants. The dust container has a capacity of 460ml and a sensor that indicates if it is full, while the water tank of 297ml.

Best Cheap Robot Vacuum Cleaner

As you have seen previously, even in the category of robot vacuum cleaners there are numerous and distinct price ranges, for this reason, it is possible to find cheap robot vacuum cleaners that, despite a lower purchase price, are able to guarantee good cleaning results. The following list shows the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners, which you can find on Amazon at a discounted price.

Best Chinese Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Chinese companies are gradually increasing their popularity, in fact, they succeed in their goal thanks to the creation of medium-high range products, distributed on the European market at a very competitive price. Xiaomi is the best company if your goal is to buy a product with important technical characteristics, but at a lower price than the “Top” like Roomba.

Robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners

Initially, robotic vacuum cleaners performed a single function: vacuuming dust and dirt in a home. Subsequently, some of the best leading companies in the industry started putting a tank with water inside the robots.

The vacuum cleaner and floor washing robots are key and very useful devices: aspire dirt, bacteria, and dust and subsequently wash the floor with water and various detergents.

Robot vacuum cleaner for Brand

Just as described extensively within this buying guide, choosing the robot is not that simple. However, you can use these rankings – updated in real-time – to choose and find out more about the specific robots of some brands.

Faq and frequently asked questions

What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaners are household appliances that can clean the floors of a home in an innovative way. They are products that can also work remotely: the presence of the wifi connection allows you to activate, deactivate and program the cleaning of these appliances.

How to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner?

To choose the best robot vacuum cleaner for your needs, you need to consider very important factors, such as: the design and materials of the product, battery life, tank capacity, all smart features, and compatibility with voice assistants and technologies that allow the robot to perform a perfect job on various types of floors.

How much does a robot vacuum cleaner cost?
Just like all household appliances, robotic vacuum cleaners are also divided into different types: starting from the cheapest ones that cost between € 100.00 and € 200.00, passing through those of medium invoice with a price of € 300.00 and the best products on the market that exceed € 500.00

What are the best brands and brands?
Choosing a device like this is not easy, however, we point out the best brands in the sector: ECOVACS and IKOHS for cheap products, ARIETE, and ROWENTA for mid-range products while iROBOT and XIAOMI for top products. In any case, on our site, there are all the reviews of the individual products.

Do they also wash the floors?
On this page, we talked about all those products that vacuum floors, but there are also floor cleaning robots that are designed to vacuum, wash, and dry floors.

Are robots vacuums and washes useful?
Yes, robotic vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners are very useful and can accelerate the cleaning speed. It is, therefore, a good idea to buy, or at least consider, devices capable of sucking and washing at the same time, so you won’t have to waste time replacing the accessory to vacuum or wash or carry out two cleaning cycles.

Opinions and final considerations

In this buying guide to choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner, we have addressed every single aspect to consider before identifying the perfect model for your needs.

We recommend that you take advantage of the continuous offers on Amazon and our reviews to find the model tailored to your individual interests.

Robot vacuum cleaners have literally transformed and revolutionized an entire industry: now keeping your home constantly clean is child’s play. Are you still undecided on which vacuum cleaner to buy? This is the ultimate guide to choosing the best vacuum cleaner.


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