Best Scrubber Robots of 2022: Buying Guide

Welcome to this guide on the best floor cleaning robots of 2022,

Tired of sweeping, dusting, and cleaning floors? The year is 2022 and fortunately, we live in an era in which smart appliances improve – and not a little – our daily life, even when we are not at home.

The main goal of automation is to solve the issue related to household cleaning: robot vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, electric brooms, and other devices can actually improve our lives, doing a boring job for us.

Imagine, even for just a second, a life in which you are no longer a “slave” to cleaning, a world in which machines clean, remove dust and dirt from every home. That life is possible, especially thanks to floor cleaning robots.

My name is Lorenzo Ricciutelli and I have tested more than 50 robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners, so I’m ready to tell you all the things you need to know before considering the purchase of a robot that washes floors.

What are they

The floor cleaning robots are of smart appliances, capable of performing the operations of cleaning and sanitizing. Depending on the type and cost of each model, these devices can have smart features:

  • Anti-collision sensor: A technology that allows the robot to carry out each task safely, without hitting walls, furniture, or furnishing objects.
  • Fall arrest sensor: Sensors of this type have the function of identifying stairs or steps, so as to prevent the floor cleaning robots from falling down the stairs and being damaged.
  • Automatic recharge: This function allows the robot to check the remaining autonomy, if it is finished it automatically returns to the recharging base and, once loaded, it resumes right where it left off.
  • Mapping: A series of sensors map our home, even on several levels. Through a simple smartphone application, it will be possible to perform a targeted cleaning operation for rooms, levels, or areas.

These are just some of the features of the floor cleaning robots, I invite you to continue to discover all the information you need to make an informed purchase.

Difference between floor cleaning robots and vacuum cleaning robots


Many users wonder about the difference between floor cleaning robots and vacuum robots .

Indeed, these two appliances are very similar, if not the same. Recently, the best companies in the world such as iRobot, Ecovacs, or Proscenic have combined the characteristics of both models, thus creating a robot capable of washing floors and removing excess dust and dirt: these are called robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners or 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner.

The size, shape, and components are very similar: what changes is the main function.

Obviously, don’t get confused with vertical vacuum cleaners either, the famous electric brooms, which refer to another category of products.

How a floor cleaning robot works

A floor cleaning robot is a tool that allows, as easily understood, to wash the surfaces in your home. The operation is very simple: it is up to you to choose the type of washing that must be carried out, which can be light or more precise, by setting the speed and quantity of product, as well as the speed of the brushes and rotation of the robot, making sure that the cleaning is complete.

The robot, according to the chosen settings, adjusts the product and water outlet, starting the floor washing: thanks to the sensors the appliance also avoids big knocks against walls, furniture, and other obstacles, continuing with the floor washing.

In this case, technology is useful because through the app for smartphones and tablets you can configure the washing option, for example by choosing a washing with less water for parquet floors and perhaps taking advantage of all the power of the case for a floor. in porcelain stoneware.

Ranking of the 10 best floor cleaning robots

This is the ranking of the 10 best floor cleaning robots of 2022, the list is updated in real-time and is based on the best-selling products in Italy.

Best floor cleaning robots of 2022

This is the list of the best floor cleaning robots of 2022:

  • Proscenic 850T floor cleaning robot
  • IKOHS netboot S15 robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner
  • ECOVACS Deebot 605
  • ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO920 robot, 2-in-1 Vacuum, and Lava
  • iRobot Braava Jet m6: The best tested by us
  • Home Robot Vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner
  • Rowenta RR6971 Smart Force Essential Aqua
  • Rowenta RR7447 Series 60
  • iRobot 240 Braava Jet
  • ELEFANT Robot Vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner
  • ZACO V5x Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner
  • Xiaomi 1C Robot Scrubber
  • iRobot Braava 390T

Proscenic 850T floor cleaning robot

Building on the ever-growing success of its household cleaning products, Proscenic has recently launched the Proscenic 850T, an aesthetically appealing robot that is able to clean in three different modes: suction, washing, or both at the same time.

The powder container is very respectable (500 ml), while the mixed tank includes a part for water (300 ml) and a smaller one for the powder (280 ml). Also in this robot, we find the integrated ProscenicHome application that allows you to control its functions remotely or through the voice commands of Alexa and Google Assistant. Through the application, it is also possible to adjust the amount of water based on three levels of intensity – that you want to get out of the tank and that will wet one of the supplied microfibre cloths that can be easily washed in the washing machine.

The suction alone can also be adjusted according to three different levels of intensity – silent, standard, or strong – and for each, the cleaning action is always guaranteed by a powerful brush equipped with silicone inserts and nylon bristles that manages to lift and convey any type of dirt to the suction nozzle. Obviously, there is no lack of various impact, proximity, and fall arrest sensors.

IKOHS netboot S15

The IKOHS netboot S15 is a professional 4-in-1 scrubber robot capable of sweeping, vacuuming, and scrubbing floors. This floor cleaning robot is one of the most purchased as it is offered at a very interesting price that generally does not exceed € 179.95.

The movement of this device has been studied and designed to be as effective as possible in cleaning operations: it is in fact able to adapt to any type of apartment by cleaning every corner, under the furniture, and automatically detecting the obstacles present in every house.

As for the cleaning, and especially the suction and the washing operation, it does its job in an excellent way. Overall, the operation is easy and simple, silent and the app that manages the remote control is intuitive and suitable for anyone.

We are talking about a product belonging to the economic price range, but despite this, the general performance is very respectable. Of course, mapping is an important absence, but if you want a product at an affordable cost (perhaps one of the cheapest ever), with good technical characteristics and excellent floor washing (it amazed us) this is the product that is for you.

Finally, it is possible to connect and therefore control the IKOHS netboot S15 through Alexa or Google Home.

IKOHS netboot S15 robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner

The ECOVACS Deebot 605 is a floor cleaning and vacuum cleaner robot equipped with an intelligent navigation system with App and Alexa control. This device is also one of the most purchased on Amazon and the reason is clear: it is a robot with excellent quality, which is offered at a competitive price (about € 190.97) and fully compatible with App for smartphones and voice controls.

As previously mentioned, this robot is equipped with both a dust collection tank and a tray containing water, it is suitable for all kinds of floors.

The patented intelligent navigation system has been created with one purpose: to maximize cleaning operations through the fastest and easiest possible route. The movement is systematic back and forth and guarantees a very large cleaning area.

As for the various cleaning modes, this ECOVACS Deebot 605 is well equipped: Auto, Targeted, Borders, Single room, Multiple rooms,s and Max power. No problem for pet owners who are worried about vacuuming up dog or cat hair.

Inside the box, there is the charging base, 4 side brushes, 1 cleaning accessory, 2 cleaning filters, 1 user manual, the ECOVACS Deebot 605 and the warranty is Italian and lasts 2 years. One of the best cheap robots to recommend.

ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO920 robot, 2-in-1 Vacuum, and Lava

The ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO920 robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner is superior to the ” cousin ” ECOVACS Deebot 605. This model sucks and washes with a “Smart Navi 3.0” laser technology, which offers personalized and targeted cleaning thanks to the mapping that can also be multi-level.

The mapping scans and saves two different maps, this is a plus for all those who live in multi-story houses and areas to be cleaned.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO920 Robot is equipped with virtual barriers and an automatic system for the recognition of carpets.

Overall, the cleaning, suction, and washing system are much more complete and functional than similar devices, but belonging to a lower price range. The rotating brushes have an improved design and are studied to capture more dust all the way, as well as the battery and the cleaning time extended to over 110 minutes.

Voice commands via Google Assistant and Alexa work great and the compatible app for Android and iOS has excellent features for remote control.

iRobot Braava Jet m6: The best tested by us

Small and compact, this recent model of iRobot Braava washes floors in complete autonomy both with water and dry. In fact, thanks to the supplied cloths, it is possible to use the Precision Jet Spray to wet the floor (it is also possible to add its specific detergent or the one you usually use to the water) and immediately remove any trace of dirt. , dry or liquid, greasy or sticky. If, on the other hand, dry cleaning is desired, the cloth uses its electrostatic force to capture dust, hair, and pet hair.

Based on the cloth inserted (all reusable and machine washable), the robot activates the corresponding cleaning mode and, thanks to the Keep Out Zones function, manages to avoid areas where it must not pass, such as play areas or bowls for animals. . In a short time, it memorizes the cleaning habits of those who live in the house and suggests personalized interventions or extra cleaning during seasonal changes or when pets shed too much hair.

This floor cleaning robot is not 2-1: it only carries out the cleaning of floors. We generally list reviews based on the price range of the product, but in this case, we have made a small departure from the rule: the Braava Jet m6 deserves a special mention. We tried it for a long time and the results were amazing: I bought two, one for cleaning the house and one for the office.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-range product if you do not want to sacrifice and budget is not a problem this is the device that can truly replace the mop. We talked about it better.

Home Robot Vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner

Characterized by a super slim design (only 7.25 cm thick) that allows it to clean and wash under most of the furniture otherwise difficult to reach, this robot from Home is immediately appreciated for its silence (only 55 dB) and above-average suction power (2200 Pa).

It can simultaneously vacuum and wash any type of floor, even large ones, thanks to a 600 ml large dust container and a 300 ml water tank that evenly distributes water on the cloth to effectively clean a large surface up to 150 m². There are six different cleaning modes and, if it runs out of power before it’s finished, it returns to its charging base to power up and then, once finished, returns to where it left off.

Thanks to the gyroscope technology, it is able to plan a path that includes every point of the floor and, in case it encounters a carpet, it is able to climb up to 2 cm in height to effectively clean that too. Also equipped with a dedicated application (Hrobot Cleaner), it can also be programmed remotely to fully enjoy one’s passions without thinking about cleaning.

Rowenta RR6971 Smart Force Essential Aqua

This robot proposed by Rowenta, model RR6971 Smart Force Essential Aqua, integrates the functions of vacuuming and washing the floor. Made with a consolidated and traditional technology, it provides three intervention modes based on the type of space to be cleaned.

Random: The robot moves in a random zigzag to cover large areas.
Random Room: Moves in a random zigzag for a short period of time, maximum 30 minutes.
Edge: mode in which the robot focuses mainly on the edges of the wall and skirting boards.
The two side brushes collect the dust even in the tightest corners to convey it towards the central vacuum brush and a large scrubbing cloth (machine washable) effectively concludes the cleaning phase in a single pass.

Infrared sensors allow it to avoid obstacles and not to fall in the presence of stairs, while the lithium-ion battery guarantees an autonomy of up to 150 consecutive minutes. Cleaning can be scheduled according to seven different schedules for a schedule that spans multiple consecutive days.

Rowenta RR7447 Series 60

A true jewel of the Rowenta house, this model boasts an even thinner thickness than the models seen previously (only 6 cm) and a suction power of 2,300 Pa that can be controlled according to three different power levels (eco, standard, and boost) which is automatically increased when the robot has to clean over the carpets.

The two side brushes convey the dirt towards the central vacuum brush and a large scrubbing cloth (machine washable) allows you to clean effectively on any type of surface with a single pass. In this regard, we remind you that both the dust and water tanks have a capacity of 500 ml.

Equipped with Smart Explorer 4.0 Methodical Movement, this robot is able to accurately map the entire house – thanks also to its gyroscope, side camera, and infrared sensors – so as not to leave any point uncovered and, moreover, its high-performance EPA filter is able to retain 99.9% of dust to avoid all forms of allergy and respiratory problems. Also equipped with a dedicated application (My Smart Force), it allows you to program and manage cleaning remotely, remotely, or through the Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants.

iRobot 240 Braava Jet

With more than 25 years of robotics experience and over 25 million items sold worldwide, iRobot offers this state-of-the-art 3-in-1. It offers 3 cleaning modes, i.e. washing with water, damp cloth or dry. Thanks to its artificial intelligence Braava Jet automatically recognizes the mode based on the context.

It has been designed for cleaning spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens, because thanks to its square shape it can reach even the most difficult points, in particular the corners, the areas at the base of the bathroom fixtures, and since it is very low, it does very well. even under the furniture.

It has optimized hardware that uses a high-pressure water jet to precisely dissolve dirt and stains, without wetting furniture, carpets, and walls. Tests have been done on dry coffee and soda which are among the most stubborn stains for floors.

The head performs an oscillating back and forth movement similar to that of the human hand, in order to make the most of the brush’s efficiency. In addition, the operation is simplified as much as possible, because just mount the cleaning cloth, fill the water tank and start with the Clean button. The robot will perform its cycles discreetly optimizing energy savings and results.

ELEFANT Robot Vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner

It is a 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber. Equipped with a dust tank and a water tank, the Levant automatically selects suction and washing thanks to its artificial intelligence.

It is equipped with a technology called Free Move that allows it to avoid getting stuck under obstacles such as chairs, sofas, electric wires, and thresholds above 0.39 inches that can separate the various rooms of your home.

Its structure allows you to treat both smooth floors and carpets, for a thorough cleaning of the house even from animal hair and wads of dust that do not risk obstructing the suction vents.

Thanks to its extremely silent system, it tackles house cleaning in detail, with three phases, because it sweeps, vacuums and washes. The dust tank is electrodynamic and therefore there is no risk of secondary emission.

It can be integrated into home automation systems such as Google Home, APP, and Alexa. Through the Levant Life application, all parameters are manageable to adapt the robot to your needs. It is also equipped with a remote control that allows you to remotely perform all control operations.

ZACO V5x Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner

It is a robot for ordinary house and apartment cleaning, now with 2 in 1 technology, which integrates intelligent washing and vacuuming, thanks to its highly advanced AI and sensors that allow it to move freely even in very complex environments.

It is equipped with i-dropping technology that minimizes the consumption of water present in the tank and guarantees its uniform distribution on the mop cloth, in such a way as to be able to guarantee thorough cleaning for large surfaces and uniformity of treatment, which thus makes the number of cycles required for an optimal result.

It recognizes the quality of the dirt present on the floor and at the same time adjusts the speed of the vacuum cleaner up to increase it by 5 times, in order to better deal with hair, bulky dirt, and dust.

It automatically orients the spaces of the house and is equipped with intelligent anti-fall and anti-collision sensors. Moreover, thanks to its software it is able to determine the minimum return path to the base and automatically returns to the charge. It can be programmed using the supplied remote control or with the appropriate App to communicate with the home automation system.

Xiaomi 1C Robot Scrubber

From the Chinese giant Xiaomi comes this latest generation floor cleaning robot, equipped with a visual navigation system with very high response speed, which allows it to quickly create optimized maps for travel in any space of the house. It has another degree of accuracy and the ability to recognize obstacles from various perspectives.

There are 4 levels of suction that can be adjusted directly by its artificial intelligence or by us, to meet our maximum comfort, thus reducing the noise level during the action and optimizing battery life.

The water tank constantly monitors the internal level so as not to remain dry, while the sensors recognize the type of flooring and regulate the flows according to the optimized programs, without the need for external interventions.

Thanks to the integrated high-capacity lithium accumulators, the Xiaomi robot is able to intervene even on large spaces, up to a maximum of 120 square meters without recharging. In any case, when the energy level drops below 15% it automatically returns to the dock following the minimum path, to resume work from the point where it left it when the battery reaches 80%.


Deebot uses OZMO and Smart Navi 3.0 technologies that allow it to scan your home, create a complete map that is visible directly in the ECOVACS Home app, and independently plan the most suitable cleaning routes. The robot will vacuum and wash the floors according to the extrapolated maps.

Its latest generation sensors allow you to adjust the suction power at the same time if it recognizes the presence of a carpet or similar surface. Alongside the independent navigation mode, you can create a priority map in order to optimize operations.

The robot is, therefore, able to manage the cleaning of the house with scheduled interventions for less urgent spaces, dedicating itself more efficiently to those that need to be cleaned more frequently.

It is possible to integrate the robot into the home automation network thanks to its compatibility with Alexa or to control it directly via the app or with voice control, capable of knowing the position and regulating the interventions directly by evaluating the type of dirt present on site.

It automatically returns to the charging base when the battery has reached the risk levels, following the minimum path, and then resumes from where it eventually stopped, so as not to waste energy and time. It features washable microfiber cloths, precision brushes and is configurable with the direct suction option.

iRobot Braava 390T

Although the price is really low for a product of its kind, the high tech and smart features are multiple and of high quality. Among the many, the “Guided cleaning with the Northstar Cubop” stands out: specifically, the robot creates a map of the surrounding environment every time it is in use, even in the dark it can identify obstacles, walls, fall points, and much more. still.

In summary, the Braava 390T vacuums, washes and cleans with care. If you want a robot that can – seriously – keep your home clean, this is the model for you.

The features are so many, but in addition to intelligent navigation, it struck us:

The Pro-Clean tank: The autonomy of this robot is very good, it can clean in a single refill 93 m2 in “dry” mode and 33 m2 in “wet” mode. It is up to the end-user to choose whether to add detergent to the water tank, but in any case, the technology always makes the cloth wet: this explains the reason for so much care in cleaning the house.
Quick Cleaning: Need a quick and superficial cleaning? By activating the appropriate option, the floor cleaning robot will take half the time to clean the rooms, at the expense of shallow cleaning. Very useful feature, especially for improving home hygiene throughout the day.
Accessories: The numerous accessories already included in the package make it a best-buy product in its category.

Do floor cleaning robots really work?

The answer is yes, floor cleaning robots work very well.

It happens very often to read negative reviews of these products, especially on devices made a year or two ago. In recent times, manufacturers have accelerated studies and research on these devices, designing and building better robots built according to the real demands of the market and consumers.

Personally, after having tried a large number of robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners, I guarantee that once you have found the right one for your needs, you will never want to go back. I currently own an Ecovacs T8 AIVI, equipped with artificial intelligence with recognition of carpets, animals, and objects such as cables: I have never had a problem. To date, I would like to recommend robot scrubbers to everyone, you’ll love them.

How to choose the best floor cleaning robot

The real trick to choosing the best floor cleaning robot is to understand the actual technical characteristics and combine them with our habits.

It is essential to read the technical characteristics, the main functions, and the technologies a robot is equipped with: only by knowing the product can you determine which is the perfect model to buy.

An example: all those who complain about the “superficial” cleaning of some economic models, in reality, have not understood the mechanism behind the floor cleaning robots.

99% of the models on the market are equipped with programming technology: you can manage a real calendar from your smartphone in which to start the robot and have the house cleaned. Some models require a couple of “turns” to clean thoroughly; it is good to understand the actual difference between an automatic product – without human control – and “traditional” cleaning with a rag and bucket of water, or carried out with a simple vacuum cleaner.

Another example may be the autonomy and the ability to clean multiple rooms: the technical characteristics indicate both the autonomy with a single charge (example: 120 minutes) and the square meters with the individual cleaning modes.

Let’s go into the specifics to understand what are the parameters that must be considered when choosing this tool, which allows you to have a perfect floor from every point of view and free of any trace of dirt.

Multifunction robot: sucks and washes

The ideal floor cleaning robot must not be the one that is limited solely and exclusively to cleaning floors but, on the contrary, must also offer the possibility of carrying out a complete cleaning of the house.

I have tried and reviewed both floor cleaning devices and those with dual-function vacuum and wash. It is necessary to make a small clarification. The best model on the market is currently the Braava Jet M6: it is a robot that does not vacuum and focuses only on washing, but the final quality is really high.

The best result is therefore to buy a robot vacuum cleaner (perhaps with an automatic emptying system ) and pair it with a floor cleaning robot: it is true that as an advantage we have an unbeatable general quality, but the cost is high.

This is why many manufacturers have created vacuum and wash robots: devices that are equipped with both a dust container and water, so with a single step, they perform a dual function.

Autonomy and tank

On the autonomy front, it should be emphasized that this robot must be able to guarantee a certain amount of hours of function with a single battery charge.

Generally, when referring to this aspect, we speak of a minimum of two to four hours of autonomy, which guarantees thorough cleaning and is free of areas where the robot has not operated. Obviously, once the sensors do not detect dirt, the robot must automatically shut down.

The choice of autonomy depends on the size of the area to be covered, but it is good to pay attention to the automatic return to base function: when the robot has a low autonomy it automatically returns to the charging base and resumes cleaning from where it left off.

The tank, which must contain the water and the cleaning product, must have a minimum capacity between 0.4L and 0.6L. Obviously, the greater the capacity, the lower the number of times we have to physically intervene to fill the tank.

Smart functionality and mapping

The latest generation floor cleaning robots are smart and can be controlled via our phones both at home and anywhere in the world.

To date, I advise you not to consider a device without mapping. In practice, the robots are equipped with sensors (laser or with LIDAR technology – the best) that scan our home and thus create the map of the path it has cleared. This functionality is essential, since it is possible to program the areas of the house to be cleaned, for example: washing the kitchen and the TV area, and avoiding the bathroom and the sleeping area.

Thanks to the app we can also automatically schedule cleaning on pre-established days and times, update the app and robot software, receive customized notifications on the components to be replaced or if it needs maintenance.

There is also the possibility of controlling the robot through the use of the voice, taking advantage of the various assistants such as Siri and Alexa or that of Google, which allow you to operate and carefully program the washing function offered by the device. Among the extra functions, there must be the perimeter sensors, which allow the robot to avoid hitting the various objects in the room, as well as prevent ruinous falls from the stairs.

Materials, shape, and design

As for the materials, they are generally made of plastic with better or worse quality according to the manufacturer and obviously the list price.

The suction and recharging base and the external parts of the robot are made of plastic, while the wheels and the bumper are made of rubber in order to avoid impacts and damage to the floor.

The shape can be circular or “D”, a typical feature of robots made by Neato or Roomba. For the length and width, there are no particular problems except for space, while the height is a fundamental element because it could get stuck under suspended furniture or sanitary ware.

The design is to your taste: it is up to you to decide which model to display and which goes well with your furniture.

Best floor cleaning robots by brand

Users who have to buy a robot to clean the floors are wondering which are the best models divided by brand. By continuing to read you can check various rankings containing the best-selling models in Italy.

FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best floor cleaning robot?

To choose the best floor cleaning robot, some crucial aspects must be considered: dimensions (especially the height to pass under some furniture), 2-in-1 function, i.e. washes and vacuums (preferably at the same time), smart functionality via an application for remote control, mapping (which allows you to scan the home and provide a map of the house for precise cleaning) and of course the price.

How much does a floor cleaning robot cost?

The price of a floor cleaning robot may vary according to the brand, model, and technologies it is equipped with. Generally, the low-end ones (which does not mean poor) start at a cost of around € 180.00. Those looking for more powerful and qualitatively better products in technologies and construction materials can opt for mid-range devices (€ 200.00 – € 300.00) and exceed € 350.00 for top-of-the-range models.

Floor cleaning robots or just vacuum cleaners?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when people are making the choice of their new cleaning robot. Our advice is to carefully evaluate the daily habits of each of us: some may prefer only a robot vacuum cleaner and have the time and/or way to wash the floors by themselves; others may instead opt for a multifunctional model and take advantage of the good things these products have. A few years ago, when floor mopping robots were not very mature, we probably would have advised you to opt for a robot vacuum cleaner, but since navigation technology and many other functions have been greatly improved over time, then choosing the perfect device is just a matter of habits.

What are the best brands in the industry?

The best companies that, in our opinion, have designed and built excellent devices are iRobot, Cecotec, Xiaomi, Proscenic, Ecovacs, Rowenta, and a life.

What are the features to consider?

When buying a floor cleaning robot, it is first of all essential to check the quality of the cleaning. To date, a good 90% of floor cleaning robots are also capable of vacuuming dust, however, there are devices created specifically for washing that are qualitatively better. Another important feature is the mapping of the house: after a few tests runs the robot is able to understand and map the entire house, so as to start cleaning operations for areas and rooms. Almost all models are smart and equipped with remote control applications and various functions for Amazon or Google voice assistants. The price and some software features are just other more unique details to consider when buying.

Final thoughts and conclusion

We have reached the end of the guide to buying the best floor cleaning robots of 2022.

Buying a floor cleaning robot means having the opportunity to take care of your home more frequently and accurately, avoiding that this task is faced in the worst way and therefore that feeling of boredom and fatigue takes over.

Obviously, the use of the robot must be almost daily, so that the dirt present in one’s home does not accumulate, a situation that could make the use of the same floor cleaning robot ineffective.

Therefore, using it means making the classic task less complex, with the advantage of having a house that is always adequately clean and able to reflect all your questions in terms of hygiene. If you’re still not sure which vacuum cleaner is perfect for your needs, this is the guide to choosing the best vacuum cleaner.

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