Best Way To Get Rid Of Mic In The Attic and Walls

There are many species of mice in the woods. But the ones that tend to live in our house or sneak into the attic and walls are generally the common house mice. They have a very good adaptability, and they adjust for any kinds of harsh weather conditions. Also don’t think that they are one or two in numbers. They have the ability to produce more than 30+ offspring within a year. Sooner or later these mice populations will start destroying your things in the attic or damage the inner wall. Here in this post, we have discussed the best possible ways to get rid of the mice in the attic and walls.

Why shouldn’t we allow mice to be inside the house?

Apart from pet mice, the other mice will have the habit of entering outside the house and search for food. They might come in contact with deadly diseases and carry them back to humans. Not only the diseases it can also bring back fleas, mites, lice, and ticks. They carry harmful diseases that might cause problems to you and the babies if there are any in the house. So if you search for the best way to get rid of mice in my attic you will get the below tips. We have summarized them for you.

If you think that there is a mouse in the house or in the attic then check for the signs. Damages of wood materials, leathers, cloths are some identifications that there might be a mouse in the house. If you not sure what to do then it is really wise to contact a professional for getting rid of the mice.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Mice In The Attic

There are some important things one must know to get rid of the mice from your house.

1) Properly seal all the entry points.

Firstly keeping the house clean. Keeping the attic and house clean and clearing of any food particles that are scattered around in the house. The proper way is to seal all the entry point in the house or in the attic or in the walls. Preventing entry is the first step to keep the house safe from any rodents.

Also make sure that you have not used any rubber, plastic, or wood to seal the cracks in the walls. If you do so then it is very easy for the rats to chew their way through it.

2) Use flawless mouse traps and bait

Using a proper mouse trap is highly recommended catching mice. If it is not in a good condition or without proper positioning then the mice can escape and cause more trouble. It is important to choose a suitable size for a mousetrap. You might not know the real size of the mice so choose a medium size trap always. Also use the food that is most loved by the mice like oatmeal, rice ball, and chocolates.

3) Trap placement

Placing the traps in the right spot will help you catch the mice. With a careful examination of the place where you suspect that the mice use, you can pinpoint a location where the mice frequently appear. Mostly you can find the mice area using the droppings. If you find the mice droppings in a particular area then try placing the trap near it. If any of the mice tried to explore the trap then eventually it will get caught.

If the mice is not captured in a single day try changing the location for one or more days. It will help to catch it.

4) Using Cats

If you are tired of catching mice one after the other, and they keep on coming then you must hire a person who can do mice catching as their passion and dream job. Yes, you guessed it right. Obviously, I’m talking about cats. Get a cat to get rid of the mice problem. Once a cat finds the place of the mice or the smell of the mice then it will take care of it which proves one of the best way get rid mice attic.

Some dogs are also good at catching mice. But this is applicable only if you are continuously getting problems from mice even after catching a few of them. If not then you can follow the other methods. Otherwise, the best way to get rid of mice in the attic and walls is to call a specialist. They will carry out the methods perfectly quick and easy.

5) Using Bait Stations:

Bait stations are nothing but a small food package packed in a plastic sheet which is just to eliminate the mice. I personally won’t recommend these things because if you have small kids or babies at the home then chances are there that they can swallow it unknowingly. So have care while dealing with these bait stations.

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