Best Wine Cellars 2022: Buying Guide

If you are a lover of good wine, looking for the best solution to store your bottles, you have come to the right place. It does not matter whether you are an expert connoisseur or a simple enthusiast: in this short guide, you will find many practical tips to guide you in choosing the best wine cellars 2022 for you. The options available on the market are really many, designed to meet different needs and satisfy a heterogeneous audience of consumers; clearing up your ideas about your needs and expectations is therefore crucial before making the purchase. Here are our suggestions, so as not to be mistaken.

What it is and what it is for.

The wine cellar 2022 is an increasingly popular household appliance in our homes, designed to store bottles in a protected environment, capable of preserving the organoleptic characteristics of the wine. As well as the cellars and caves, traditionally chosen to house the wine under the peculiarities of their spaces, also wine refrigerators intervene on some factors, which prove to be fundamental for optimal conservation of the bottles. Let’s see together what it is:

  • The temperature, which must be kept constant and must be set appropriately, based on the type of wine to be kept;
  • The humidity, which is necessary to favor the correct oxygenation of the bottle corks;
  • The absence of odors, to be guaranteed so that the air in contact with the cork is always pure and the wine does not risk being altered by aromas coming from the outside;
  • Exposure to light sources, to be limited, to avoid that the aging of the wine undergoes unnatural accelerations;
  • Vibrations, which must be avoided as much as possible, so that any sediments inside the bottle remain inactive.

The wine cellars, available in multiple versions and models, respond with different tools and more or less advanced functionalities to the desire to create and maintain the ideal environment over time, in compliance with all these common parameters, capable of preserving quality over time. of our wines.

How the wine cellar works

Unlike the refrigerator or kitchen shelves, where everyone will have kept a few bottles, the wine cellar is designed to meet the need to guarantee the wine an adequate temperature, protection from UV rays, insulation from external agents, and stability. The wine cellars wine are appliances capable of containing a predetermined number of bottles and to ensure that they maintain a constant temperature, that it is possible to set and change, within a predefined range, depending on the type of wine which disposes of. The refrigerating action exerted by the cellar is made possible by the presence of a compressor motor or Peltier cell technology, a thermoelectric system often used also for small refrigerators. To fulfill its functions, a good wine cellar is made with materials that ensure its resistance and insulating power, such as stainless steel, tempered aluminum, and tempered glass. Internally, it is equipped with shelves in wood or steel, removable and adjustable in height, designed to keep the bottles in a horizontal position, or with a slight inclination: this type of treatment is adopted because it allows the cork to always remain in contact. with wine and contributes to optimal conservation of the product. The single, double, or triple tempered glass closing door ensures that the refrigerated cell is perfectly insulated and never runs the risk of being exposed to heat, UV rays, or any air currents coming from the external environment.

How to choose the best wine cellar 2022


To choose the most suitable model, it is important to first identify your needs, and then select the products that have the features that respond to them most appropriately. One of the first questions to ask is if you think you need or desire to refresh different types of wine at the same time, such as whites and reds, for example; in this case, in fact, it will be advisable to focus on a two-zone (or even three-zone) solution, which allows to set different temperatures and divide the bottles into distinct areas, based on their characteristics.

Otherwise, if it is expected that the cellar will house a single type of wine (only reds, whites, or sparkling wines), a single-zone model is the right choice. Other important parameters to take into account are the dimensions and peculiarities of the space we have available, as well as the approximate number of bottles that we would like to be able to keep at home. We will thus be able to decide whether to prefer a built-in wine cellar or a model intended for free installation and select the format and capacity that are more in line with our expectations. Another important element to take into consideration is the use we want to make of our cellar. In fact, there are air-conditioned versions and tempered models, which meet different needs. Let’s see which ones are together.

Air-conditioned wine cellars: they are the right choice for those interested not only in storing wine for short periods, to have it at the correct temperature to open and drink it, but also to ensure the bottles have an ideal aging process; thanks to their internal ventilation system, in fact, they can maintain a constant temperature over time.

Tempered wine cellars: they are the right product for those who want to keep the bottles cool, ready for tasting; generally equipped with several areas, these appliances allow you to set the correct temperature for different types of wine at the same time. There are also some hybrid models on the market, designed for both storage and aging of wine. These types usually have divided compartments and allow you to independently set the temperature and the percentage of humidity of each of them.

Capacity and number of bottles

The wine cellars are available in many different formats, to be selected according to the space available in the house and to your needs. Producers indicate the capacity in liters and, to provide clearer and immediately understandable data for the final consumer, they also generally indicate the approximate number of bottles that the appliance can contain. The models on the market for domestic use generally start from a minimum of 7 or 10 bottles, in the smallest formats, to reach a capacity that can reach 80 or even 100 bottles, in the larger models. The most common compact versions generally have 4 or 5 removable shelves, each containing 5 bottles.

Design, dimensions, and overall dimensions

The wine cellars are available on the market in different models, with aesthetic, as well as functional, peculiar characteristics. The built-in models are designed to be integrated into the kitchen furniture; the free-standing ones, on the other hand, can be placed anywhere, in the kitchen, in the living room, or the room of your choice. Furthermore, these models guarantee optimal ventilation and perfect heat dispersion. The built-in versions generally conform to the standard size 60cm x 60cm x 80cm in height, so that they can be easily aligned with the modules of a classic kitchen. However, larger models are also available, for those who want to dedicate more space to the bottles and have the possibility. The free-standing wine cellars offer wide freedom of choice and are offered in many different formats. They can develop vertically or horizontally and require the presence of a single hermetically sealed door, or several doors. Real design objects to be exhibited at home, these products tell of our passion for wine and become an integral part of the furniture. The finishes in steel, glossy or with a satin effect, the slightly darkened glass of the opening doors, and the removable shelves, generally in beech wood or stainless steel, give our wine cellars a sober elegance, which makes them suitable for integration into the most disparate. The LED lights present inside the most design-conscious models embellish the aesthetics, in full compliance with the functionality of the product.

Temperature range

If you are a wine lover, you probably know that red wines should be stored at a temperature between 12 ° and 16 °, based on the age and organoleptic characteristics of the product and that basically, they should never exceed 18 °. °. Whites, on the other hand, need a cooler environment, between 8 ° and 12 ° for still wines and slightly lower, between 8 ° and 10 °, for wavy wines. Wrong storage and serving temperature can really ruin our tasting and even alter the characteristics of the wine. As we have said, the wine cellars are therefore precious allies for those who want to carefully preserve and enjoy such a delicate product to the fullest. A single-zone cellar is the right choice for you, if you intend to keep a single variety of wine (for example only whites or only reds) and if you are interested in favoring optimal aging over time. The solutions with two or three zones, on the other hand, generally have a higher purchase cost and are right for you if you intend to refrigerate different wines at the same time, such as whites, reds, and sparkling wines, assigning the most suitable temperature to each type.

Energy consumption

Just as we are now used to doing for all our appliances, it is also important to consider the consumption factor, in addition to the functional and aesthetic aspects, when it comes to the purchase of a wine cellar. The wine cellar, in fact, as well as the refrigerator, is constantly connected to the electrical outlet and it is therefore essential to carefully evaluate the energy class of the product that we are about to introduce in our home. Manufacturers come to our aid today with rather detailed technical data sheets and labels, on which we can find, in addition to the class, also an indication of the average annual consumption of the appliance. This estimate may be useful for us to independently calculate, with a good level of approximation, the total amount that we will find in the bill: by multiplying the average annual consumption, expressed in kWh, by the cost of 1kW of electricity, based on our supply contract, we will find out the expected total amount. In general, without going into the merits of the impact that domestic heating and cooling systems can exert, in the winter months, when the outside temperature is lower, the consumption of the cellar tends to be reduced compared to that of the warmer summer months. Placing the appliance in a cool place and not being exposed to strong direct sources of heat and light can also contribute to optimizing consumption and reducing costs. On average, we can expect an indicative annual consumption of between 100 and 250 kWh for the smallest wine cellars, capable of holding approximately 10-12 bottles. Consumption increases and settles between 150 and 300 kWh for larger wine cellars, with a capacity of around 50 bottles.

Extra functionality

The most advanced models offer a series of additional features, which enhance the performance of the product, in both aesthetic and functional terms. The dimmable LED lights inside, for example, give the wine cellar a more sophisticated look and highlight our bottles. The LED display, in addition to allowing you to easily set and view the internal temperature and humidity, can also offer the user control over many more interesting functions, such as

  • Anti-vibration system: a mechanism capable of monitoring and avoiding any movement inside the cellar, to preserve the correct conservation and aging of the wines;
  • Activated carbon filter: a system that allows you to purify the air, eliminating any odor that could, through contact with the cork, alter the aroma and characteristics of the wine;
  • Party function: an optional designed to allow you to store a selection of bottles destined for a special occasion, such as a party or an aperitif, within an independent section, without the opening of the dedicated door affecting the temperature of the other areas ;
  • Sound alarm: an acoustic indicator that signals the opening of the doors, so that we can avoid mistakes and forgetfulness and always be sure to keep the bottles in an isolated and protected environment;
  • Refrigerator compartment: an additional compartment, after storing products that need different temperatures;
  • Automatic defrosting: a system that allows you to always keep the cellar cell defrosted, preventing any unwanted accumulations of water from altering, even slightly, the internal temperature and affecting the characteristics of the wine.

Best wine cellar 2022 reviews

These are the best wine cellars of 2022:

  • Cecotec Cantinetta Wine Grand Sommelier 8 Bottles
  • Inventor Wine Cellar Wine by Inventor
  • IKOHS WINE COOLER S – Wine cellar 8 bottles
  • Klarstein Vilamoura
  • Wine cellar for 18 bottles of Winter wine
  • Candy CCV 150 SKU
  • klarstein Shiraz Slim – Wine refrigerator
  • Klarstein Reserva
  • Hisense RW30D4AJ0 – Wine cellar for 32 bottles

Cecotec Cantinetta Wine Grand Sommelier 8 Bottles

Grand Sommelier 800 CoolCrystal is a very elegant small wine cellar (25x46x47.5) that is well suited to all domestic environments or private basements: it has a capacity of 25 liters, therefore, it allows you to store up to 8 bottles inside. Furthermore, as regards consumption, Grand Sommelier 800 falls within the energy class A + and allows you to set the temperature from a minimum of 8 up to a maximum of 18 degrees, all this through the touch screen control panel incorporated in the LED display, low consumption. The door, entirely in crystal and equipped with double insulation with a mirror finish, can be opened at 180 degrees, in this way it will be really convenient to insert and remove all the desired bottles. This wine cellar is equipped with an Auto to defrost function which is essential to prevent the classic problem of ice formation, with Motionless technology which significantly reduces the vibrations caused by its motor and, finally, with LED lighting without blue light frequencies: all very important characteristics if you do not he wants to run the risk of ruining the bouquet and the properties of the wines that are stored in it.

Inventor Wine Cellar Wine by Inventor

Small and compact, but still spacious, the small-sized Inventor Wine Cellar allows you to store up to 10 bottles of wine inside, thus saving the space they usually occupy in the main refrigerator. With the Inventor cellar, the wine can finally be stored and served at the right temperature, in fact, it is equipped with an adjustable thermostat from 2 to 21 degrees, with an off-cold-normal-cooler system. The ultra-modern design with reversible glass door makes it suitable for any environment, from the most classic to the most modern, moreover, thanks to the protection against UV rays, you no longer have to worry about any solar radiation. The door, in fact, is designed to reflect the radiation of UV rays considered harmful, so that neither the color nor the taste of the wine can be altered. Extremely comfortable, thanks to its handles located on both sides, it can be transported from one place to another without any effort. Regarding the consumption of electricity, the Inventor wine cellar is classified A + and is among those with the lowest consumption, in fact, it is only 105 kW / h. finally, another element in favor of this appliance is the noise level, which is decidedly contained in the 42decibels.

IKOHS WINE COOLER S – Wine cellar 8 bottles

Ikohs Winecooler S is a real wine shop and this is demonstrated by the fact that it was conceived by expert winemakers to preserve and optimize these precious and tasty drinks. The CellerTech technology allows you to accurately set all the parameters, in such a way as to recreate, inside the cellar, an ideal environment for the correct conservation of the specific type of wine to be tasted. Ikohs Winecooler S can contain up to a maximum of 8 bottles and is equipped with stainless steel shelves with pre-setting the right degree of inclination, specially designed for maintaining the wine over time, while the thermal interval can be adjusted from a minimum of 8 degrees up to a maximum of 18. The Ikohs Winecooler S certainly cannot miss the LED light, strictly without any type of blue color frequency, essential to avoid the degradation of the organic pigments of the wine. Finally, as regards the energy class, Ikohs Winecooler S falls within the A +: although it is equipped with auto to defrost functionality and a Winecare LED luminaire, its consumption is rather low.

Klarstein Vilamoura

Vilamoura by Klarstein is a medium-sized wine cellar with a capacity of 35 liters that provides for the storage of 12 bottles of wine and, precisely because of its size, is perfectly suited to the setting up of commercial areas such as hotels and b & bs. This model is developed in height, in fact, it is equipped with 5 removable shelves made entirely of stainless steel, while the glass door, although composed of double insulation, allows you to view the contents also from the outside. The design of Klarstein Vinamora is decidedly elegant, with a compact appearance: on the front frame, you can see the touch control panel and the LCD from which the refrigeration temperature inside the cellar can be detected: the latter can be adjusted between 11 and 18 degrees and is kept stable by the double insulated glass door and fans hid from view. Klarstein Vinamora is equipped with adjustable feet that allow you to set the right height, its dimensions are 26 L x 50 H x 65 D, while its weight is 12.4 kg, it is not very light, but despite this, it is possible to place it comfortably in the compartment dedicated to it. The motor power of this wine cellar is 70 watts and requires AC 220-240V, 50 Hz for its power supply.

Wine cellar for 18 bottles of Winter wine

This wine cellar with a modern and sophisticated style can hold up to 18 bottles of wine, it is well suited to any environment, from the most refined to the most rustic. The peculiarity of this model is to be equipped with a double refrigerating zone that allows you to insert different types of wine inside it, therefore, in the upper area you can insert 6 bottles that must be stored at a variable temperature from 8 to 18 degrees, while in the lower area 12 wines will be placed that require temperatures from 12 to 18 degrees. The regulation of the two temperatures takes place through the touch control panel, moreover, the glass door with double insulation maintains a stable climate inside the cellar, in this way the wine will be able to maintain its properties unaltered. The interior of the cellar is illuminated by LED lights, but this is not enough to make it fall within a good energy class, in fact, the Wintecam, unfortunately, falls into class C, the estimated annual consumption is 195 kW / h. In any case, the lost point in terms of energy-saving is recovered both from the low noise level and from the dimensions which, for a wine cellar of this capacity, appear really small: 52.2 x 34.5 x 64.5 cm.

Candy CCV 150

If you are looking for a wine cellar with a large capacity, the Candy CCV150 is the one for us, in fact, it can accommodate up to 41 bottles of 0.75 l. The Candy brand in itself is already a safety in terms of appliances and even in this case, it does not contradict itself. The Candy cellar is equipped with an adjustable refrigeration system from 7 to 18 degrees, a glass door, and 6 shelves and 2 bottle holders, in addition, the LED light inside embellishes the wines it contains, allowing excellent visibility on all shelves. Candy has thought of everything, therefore, even when opening the door, made reversible through the hinges that can be easily moved from the right to the left side and vice versa, in this way the wine cellar can be placed in any environment, without the door, during its opening, can obstruct the passage of people and therefore be an obstacle. Another characteristic not to be underestimated to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of wines is that of the degree of humidity: with Candy CCV150 it is possible to regulate this element and thus have a percentage of humidity between 50% and 80%; an environment that is too dry causes the cork to contract which could lead to the formation of molds, which are extremely harmful to the wine.

klarstein Shiraz Slim – Wine refrigerator

Klarstein Shiraz Slim is synonymous with elegance and pleasure, as it allows you to derive maximum pleasure from tasting a good wine served at the right temperature. The slim design (43 x 53.5 x 45 cm) allows you to insert the wine cellar in any environment: it blends easily with any style of furniture, from the domestic one to the more professional one of offices, hotels, and conference rooms, thus finding its own space almost everywhere. Although its dimensions are decidedly small, 16 bottles of wine can be placed inside, requiring storage at a temperature ranging from 5 to 18 degrees. Even the regulation of the refrigeration temperature is simple and intuitive, thanks also to the soft-touch panel located on the front. For those who are attentive to energy saving, it should be noted that the LED lighting that stands out in the contents of the cellar can be deactivated, in this way the energy class G is also safeguarded, which includes Shiraz by Klarstein, while the noise level, also ‘it is not too high, it is 42 decibels.

Klarstein Reserva

Klarstein Reserva can hold up to a maximum of 12 bottles and is an extremely functional model, equipped with two cooling zones, both programmable and adjustable with temperatures ranging from a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 18 degrees. The LED panel in which the controls for regulating the temperature of both areas are located, despite being placed inside the cellar, is also clearly visible from the outside of the cellar door, so that a constant check of the temperature is recorded at that time. It is a compact wine cellar, but at the same time functional, whose suggested use is mostly the domestic one, in any case, it is really an excellent product chosen by those who love to differentiate the different temperatures between white and red wines. In addition to being a functional household appliance, therefore, oriented above all to the correct storage of wine, Klarstein Reserva does not neglect the aesthetic aspect, in fact, it is equipped with 4 elegant removable wooden compartments that make it elegant and refined at the same time. Furthermore, Klarstein Reserva also records a good result in terms of energy efficiency, in fact, it is placed in class B, despite being equipped with an integrated fan located in the rear, which is very important for maintaining a constant internal temperature. Its motor has a power of 130 watts and is powered from 220 to 240V, 50Hz Finally, it is equipped with stable and safe rubber feet that guarantee its stability to the surface on which it is installed, thus adapting to any environment, making its presence rather pleasant to the eye.

Hisense RW30D4AJ0 – Wine cellar for 32 bottles

Hisense RW30D4AJ0 is a very elegant wine cellar designed to hold up to 32 bottles inside. The quality of the wine that is stored in this cellar is preserved both by the double insulation of the tempered glass door and by the darkening glass that protects the bottles from the harmful rays of light. The refrigerant temperature of the cellar is electronic and can be adjusted simply and intuitively through the controls located on the LCD panel installed on the front; always from this display, you can also check the constant indication of the degrees present inside the Hisense RW30D4AJ0. Furthermore, monitoring the temperature means having greater control over the degree of humidity of the internal environment which, for optimal conservation of wines, must remain in a range of around 50% / 80% humidity. These percentages must be taken into consideration because, if the humidity is too low (below 50%), the cork, which most wine bottles are equipped with, could dry out and compromise their organoleptic qualities, while if, on the contrary, it were extremely high (above 80%), it would risk damaging the bottle and the label affixed to it. It should be noted the convenience and functionality of the removable wooden shelves, which are, among other things, designed to keep any type of wine in the correct position over time. Finally, further advantages of the Hisense RW30D4AJ0 wine cellar can be found both in the energy class A, which guarantees low electricity consumption, and in the very minimum degree of noise, recorded in only 39 decibels.

FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions

Which companies produce the best wine cellars? The companies that make the best wine cellars are Candy, Klarstein, Hisense, IKOHS, Cecotec, and Inventor. How much does a wine cellar cost? The cost of a wine cellar varies according to the technical characteristics offered and the number of bottles contained (size). For an economic model that contains 8 bottles, we are about € 200.00. The more powerful and larger models cost between € 300.00 and € 600.00. The top of the range cost from € 900.00 to go up. How do you choose the best wine cellar? To choose the best wine cellar it is important to keep these characteristics in mind: type of cellar (air-conditioned or tempered), product capacity, dimensions, and footprint, supported temperature range, energy consumption and label together with various extra features such as party function, anti-vibration system and so on. What is a wine cellar for? The main purpose of a wine cellar is to store the bottles in a protected environment, to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the wine. Wine cellar: air-conditioned or tempered? The wine cellar can be of two types: air-conditioned or tempered. The air-conditioned wine cellars are recommended for those who want to keep the wine both for short periods (ready for tasting) and for long periods, ensuring an ideal aging process. Temperate zones are meant to keep temperatures ready for a certain temperature.

Conclusions and final considerations

If you are increasingly convinced that storing wine in the refrigerator, on the shelves, or in the kitchen cabinets is not the right choice, now you have all the elements to dedicate yourself to the purchase of your new wine cellar. As you have seen, the models are so many and different, but, now that you have clarified your ideas, selecting the solution that is right for you will not be difficult at all. There are many interesting offers and you can find new ones on Amazon every day. Check the technical characteristics of the products that best match your needs, choose the model you like best, and the additional features suited to your wishes. In a few simple steps, the game is done and you just have to toast to the purchase of the best wine cellar tailored for you!

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