How To Make Your House Not Smell Like Dog

Your house smells like dog odor? House is the place where we can assure rest and sleep after a long day of hard work spending time with family. If the house is good and odorless then we can stay in peace in the house. A house with a stinky smell is not liked by anyone. Do you have a pet dog in your house? There is the chance that your house smells stinky. But the main problem is that we may not be the first ones to know when our house stinks. Because we will get used to it when the odor fills the house. Only there are three ways we will get to know that the house stinks, and we absolutely have a way for how to make your house not smell like dog in 2021.

How To Make Your House Not Smell Like Dog

One way is that when you get out and get in the house, you will feel how the house smells and the difference between fresh air and the air inside the house. (Your dog might be the key reason, wait I will get there), the second way is that when someone visits the house and tells you that your house has a bad odor, and the third is that the odor is so strong that you itself identify that your house stinks, so we have found 8 Smart ways to remove dog smell from your house:

Whatever may be the way you find out that your house stinks, you need to find a way to clean it. Having a dog inside the house is really cute and sweet. Allowing your pet dog to access bed and sofas are really awesome until they start to pooping and urinate in the place they are not supposed to. That really starts the odor problem.

Why Dogs Make the House Stink and How To Tell If Your House Smells Like Dog?

Unlike humans, dogs need their body odor to mark their territory and to identify themselves. They have smelly saliva, urine, and poop. When they urinate in closed areas such as rooms, under the bed, in the closet they start to smell sometimes the hair of pets are on our clothes and it’s really hard to find a washing machine for pet hair removal.

How to make your house not smell like a dog?

We may be proud of our dogs but not their bad smell. So we need to keep an eye on where it urinates and poop and if it is not in the desired place of the house we need to take steps to clean them ASAP. Here we have explained some steps that you can take to push out the smell out of the house. Some amazing tips on how to stop house smelling of dog.

1. Keep a Vacuum cleaner ready:

If you are allowing your pet to use the house and access the bed and sofas just like you then I highly advise you to keep a vacuum cleaner ready at all times. Note where the dog sleeps or lays down. Vacuum the place frequently to get rid of the smell and dirt that starts accumulating in the area. Be it the bed, carpet, furniture, or the curtains that the dog touches, have it vacuumed frequently. It might help you to get the dog fur, odor, and parasites such as leeched out of the home.

2. Keep sweeping the house frequently:

Just like cats, dogs also shed a lot of furs. They are harmful and smelly for the humans in the house, especially for the kids. So keep sweeping the house at certain intervals per day. It will help you to get rid of the fur and other parasites that drop from the dog’s body. We can’t blame our dog here because the parasites are not in their control. Also sweeping the home frequently will let you find out if the dog has pooped anywhere in the house, which might be seen easily but eventually it starts to stink. So frequent sweeping and mopping the floor will help to find where it stinks in the house.

3. Using baking soda to neutralize the odor:

When it comes to the dog smell, the easily available solution to the odor is baking soda. You can use the baking soda solution to clean the stains on the removable covers of the sofa and the window curtains. If the covers are non -removable and need to be cleaned then you can make a baking soda solution and spray it over the spot and rub it with a clean cloth.

How to keep your house smelling like dog pee?

Before letting the bad odor form in the house by the dogs and simply blaming them we can some preventive measures that could get rid of the odor at the beginning itself by trying some actionable tips on how to keep your house from smelling like dog pee.

1. Separate bed and bedsheets for dogs:

It is advised to keep a separate small bed for dogs that you can clean and vacuum (easily) than cleaning the large bed of yours frequently. Also, you have to change the dog bed so often. Use stain repellents if necessary.

2. Keep your windows open:

Another important step to prevent odor formation is to keep the windows wide open. The circulation of the fresh air will prevent the formation of dog smell in the house. That doesn’t mean that keeping the windows open will get rid of the odor. Still, you have to keep cleaning and moping the floor so often.

3. Using black light to spot the urination inside the house:

You can use the black light to detect the places your dog has urinated and dried up. It will make the place glow and identify it to you. You can wash them off before it starts to stink. Use stain repellents or detergent powder to wash off the area.

4. Using an air-purifier:

Air purifier comes in handy when you need an immediate and temporary solution. Before you start cleaning the house to remove the stains you can switch on the air purifier that sucks out all the bad odor and keeps the area filled with fresh and clean air. You can also use scented candlesticks that fill up the place with a good smell. But these are temporary solutions and the final solution is to clean the stains out of the house.

Extra Tip: Keeping your dog clean and tidy will help to keep the house odorless. Bath your dog regularly with a good shampoo. Groom your dog with anti-lice treatment and practice them not to poop or urinate inside the house. This will really help to make your house not smell like a dog.

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